Welcome to Edric’s 2021 Treasure Hunt!

This treasure hunt is open to anyone and everyone.

The winner will get $100 cash and a free puzzle!

A note:  Each of the past three Aprils, I have run a “Treasure Hunt.”

These hunts have all kind of shared a similar construction.  This might

be, in part, because they were all written back in 2018!!  (Yes -- this hunt

has been sitting in Gringotts for almost three years now!!!)  Every one of

the hunts had a physical, “paper-manipulation” component.  Every one had

a “traditional” kind of puzzle to solve.  Every one had an “attention to detail”

bit in it.  Every one of them had “AHA!” moments waiting to be figured out...

Well -- this one does too.  But for the first time, this hunt will NOT result in a

sequential chain of URLs to follow!  This will NOT give you .pdf after .pdf of

new puzzles to solve each time you complete a previous puzzle!  THIS time . . .


So this is kind of a “glimpse into the past” of me-as-a-puzzle-writer.

If you come back in July, you can see the 30-some-puzzle “Truzzle Hunt”

I just finished writing.  And next year, there will be a brand-new “Man-Hunt”

on April 1 which I’m writing right now!  But in the meantime, have fun with this!

(See you at the end!)

To get started?  Download this file.

(Note:  For the rest of this hunt, URLs will use all lower-case letters...)

ERRATA:  The 10th column in the circle should read “FQMQCVHL” . . . not “FQMCVHL<space>”

(You can also now click here

to download the full solution.)