The 2023 DUAL Puzzle Hunt!

Day 1 puzzles

“Submit” your solutions by replacing the blank in the following URL:

All solutions must be typed with all lowercase letters and any/all spaces removed.

While you do the “easy-half” puzzles, we’re going to give you a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to put together.  The first piece is free, and you’ll get another piece every time you solve a puzzle!  (And the first 36 kids aged 11-or-younger to put all the pieces together can earn a prize!)

Free jigsaw puzzle piece (click to download)

NOTE:  These tokens are

meant to be approximately

3”x3” or 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm . . .

just in case your printer or

screen resolution makes

them appear giant-or-tiny.

All of these token files will

be consistently-sized across

the hunt (442x442 pixels), so

if you pick a scale-factor that

works for you, you’ll be able

that same factor throughout.

Day 2 puzzles

Day 3 puzzles

Day 4 puzzles

Day 5 puzzles

Day 6 puzzles  (The metapuzzle will be released at 5:00 p.m. EDT on July 22)


Hard-Half Token Metapuzzle Hints

(Black text on black background -- highlight to read.)

1:  Making the black Masyu puzzle is the key to solving this metapuzzle.

2:  Once you know what the black artifact looks like, then you can make the black Masyu puzzle.

3:  Areas where the red and cyan artifacts overlap will create part of the

black artifact.  Same for the yellow and blue artifacts, and the green

and magenta artifacts.  Once you’ve combines all the bits of the black

artifact, figure out where white and black circles would have to be

placed in order to generate that artifact.  That will provide a window

(plus maybe a “door”?!) for you to extract the solution to this puzzle.

Solution:    Token-Meta_Solution.pdf

NEW!  A list of
all the hard-half
puzzles . . .
if all you want
to do is just
see the puzzles.hard-half_puzzles.html