The 2023 DUAL Puzzle Hunt!

(The hard-half!)

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a resource for people who are interested in solving the 2023 DUAL Puzzle Hunt!  There are Reasons™ the hard-half puzzles were all locked behind the easy-half puzzles.  But I know that there are people out there who are simply curious about what I created for this hunt (or are new to hunting and just want to learn from this hunt so they can prepare themselves to participate in future hunts), so this resource is for them.  Again -- if you want to solve the 2023 DUAL Puzzle Hunt yourself, this page will actually make it much, much harder for you to accomplish your goal!

That being said . . .

When solvers solved any one of the first four easy-half puzzles, they were given the option of clicking on a token like this.

Note:  The wall of letters is not a puzzle or part of a puzzle;

it’s just a callback to a graphic from the 2021 Truzzle Hunt.

(And you don’t need knowledge of that hunt to do this hunt!)

The final metapuzzle will be placed into the crypt

at the start of Day 7.  If you’ve unlocked the crypt

by then, you’ll have access to that puzzle.  (If not . . .)

NOTE:  On every page, there will be a yellow box which

contains a 4-digit code.  If you put just that code into the

URL for this hunt, it will take you to the hints page for

that puzzle.  If you put that code plus your answer into

the URL, it will (hopefully, if you’re correct!) take you

to the solution confirmation page.  For example, using

1234.html would take you to the hints page; whereas

using 1234myguess.html would submit “MYGUESS”

as your answer to that particular puzzle.  (Remember

to only use lower-case letters to submit your answers!)

After these instructions, solvers were given the hard-half puzzle which corresponded to the easy-half puzzle they had just solved.  And so it went throughout the hunt -- solving an easy-half puzzle would unlock another hard-half puzzle.

Final warning.  It is not recommended that you open up the hard-half puzzles en masse unless you are truly just here to just peruse the write-ups and learn about the hunt “from the outside.”

(Now -- if you are, that’s totally fine by me!  I personally learned about puzzlehunting by “data-mining” every single SUMS Puzzlehunt archive from its inception through 2017, and it helped me prepare to participate in the 2018 SUMS!  I just want everyone to be making an informed choice about clicking on these links, and not accidentally be surprised when these turn out to be a hindrance to solving the actual hunt!)

That being said . . .

Here are the 25 puzzles which comprised the hard-half of the 2023 DUAL Puzzle Hunt!

            Day 1

                            A New Adventure

                            Two of Three

                            Heads Up, Seven Up

                            False Positives

            Day 2

                            Unfamiliar Words

                            As Relates to “Fifth”?

                            A Careful Construction

                            (Stupid AI . . .)

            Day 3



                            Every Three Is Given

                            26 Letters

            Day 4

                            (Just The Letters

                            Dln Icrydgch Co Itwkti

                            (Hint: Am Geek)

                            (It’s Modular)

            Day 5

                            A Diagramless

                            (See below...)


                            More Bigrams!

            Day 6

                            In The Bag

                            Pimple Popping

                            One Of Two Options

                            Just Read The Instructions

            Day 7

                            Before & After   (META)

If they did, they were taken to a page with a YouTube video and the following instructions.