To: All Interested Applicants

From: Center Headquarters

We need your help.  We are tracking a man who has recently escaped one of our facilities.  We are not entirely certain of his mental state, but we suspect he may be mentally unbalanced.  At one time, he was employed at the Center for the Creation of Puzzles, so he is certainly capable of exhibiting cunning and excels at misdirection.

We are putting out an open call to puzzle solvers and lateral thinkers, in the hopes that one of you might be able to provide us the information necessary to reacquire this asset.  We are offering a bounty of $100 USD to whichever individual is the first to deliver this information to us.

All we have to go on initially are the markings scrawled on the walls of the cell from which our target recently escaped.  (A photograph of said cell is attached.)  If you are able to discern any clues or messages the target may have left behind, please submit them to us by replacing the blank in the following URL:

So as not to confuse our servers, please strip out any spaces and use only lower-case letters when submitting details to us.  Our IT department will monitor incoming page requests and notify us when relevant information arrives.

If you do eventually manage to discern the whereabouts of this individual, please remember that he may be extremely dangerous.  Please do not attempt to apprehend him yourself; let us be the ones to bring him in.  Good luck, and thank you for your assistance.



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