Yes -- “truzzle.”  This portmanteau of the words “treasure” and “puzzle” reflects the fact that this hunt borrowed from and combine features of both the other two types of hunts which had appeared on this site in years past.

Edric’s 2020 PUZZLE hunt was much longer and more ambitious than his treasure hunts.  It featured a far greater number of puzzles and was a lot less linear than his other offerings.  Similarly, this “truzzle” hunt will feature 30-some puzzles and can be completed in exponentially-many distinct ways.

But whereas Edric’s PUZZLE hunt was “doled out” across several distinct daily installments, all of Edric’s treasure hunts were uploaded in their entireties when each hunt went live.  Similarly, every puzzle in this “truzzle” hunt -- even the final meta! -- was uploaded right away at the beginning of this hunt . . . and from that moment on it was a “no-holds-barred” race to find it and solve it!

There were three hints given for each puzzle, and they are all posted on one main hints page.

And now -- with all that having been said . . .

The 2021 Truzzle Hunt!

Congratulations to  Deusovi, ManyPinkHats, Leveloneknob, and Sp3000 who e-mailed the solution to the final meta at 1:20 a.m. EDT on July 10th to win the 2021 “TRUZZLE” Hunt!

(If you want to see the participants and teams who finished while the hunt was still live, that historical artifact can be viewed here.)