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Long ago,

You were born --

Small and bare and new.

Since that day,

I have sworn,

“I will be with you.”

Here I’ve stayed,

Proud and scared,

Onward through the years.

Here I’ve stood

While we’ve shared

Love and joy and tears.

All your life,

I’ve been here,

Watching as you grew.

Through it all,

Far or near,

I’ve been here with you.

Life moves on.

Seasons change.

Years flow ‘round the bend.

Friends move on.

Times turn strange.

All things reach their end.

Soon, some day,

I will see

My last moments too.

When I’m gone,

Think of me --

I’ll be here with you.

Come that day,

It may be

Hard to muddle through.

When it is,

Think of me --

I’ll be here . . .

With you.

(This melody is taken from the second [“Largo”] section of Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95.)

This song is for my wife.

Jackie Burns

5-15-43 to 6-7-19