This song contains strong, coarse language

and deals with adult subject matter.  If you are

easily offended or under the age of eighteen,

please strongly consider not listening to this song.



This is a message to all the haters out there.

Delivered in your language.

Trafficking in your words.

But making an appeal for tolerance.

Assembling words filled with hate

Into a message about love.


Here we go . . .

The country’s steppin’ forward.

Now another state’s in

With a win


More gay civil

Rights can begin.

But oh, no!

You know

The Bible-thumpers

Gotta chime in --

“It’s a sin!

You go to hell


Where you stick

Your dick in!”

So while some are celebratin’,

Still others have started hatin’ --

Not debatin’ --

But beratin’

And baitin’

And just disseminatin’


And malice and fear.

Makin’ it clear

That they’ll cheer

Any smear

Of any queer

Who sticks their nose in here.

They shoot down gay adoption

And marriage

And education.

They say,

“Straight’s the only option!”

They cry,


But while

They’re busy damnin’

Homosexual sex

I’m vexed

They won’t consider the ec-

Stacy of people in love!


What if someone

Said that

You were wrong

For bein’ with

The one that you love?

Just remember:

What you do unto others,

Others could do to you . . .

If you look at them

And all you see are

Faggots and dykes,

Then what else?

You still be callin’ people

“Niggers” and “kikes”?

You hate on “spics”?

Or “micks”?

Or “coons”?

Or “gooks”?

Or “guidos”?

Just who’s all in your sights

When you say, “Damn the torpedos,”

And spew your

Hate in the air

And post your

Shit on the ‘Net?

You think you’re so damned righteous,

But you seem to forget --

You’re just the latest

In a lineage of

Ignorant views --

Folks who refuse

To sanction love

Between the Capulets and Montagues.

They thought that mixing races

Or religions was wrong.


As Rodney King said,

“Can’t we all get along?”

You’re in a nation

Where discrimination

Always meets elimination.

True, it’s not fast,

But the past

Can give us inspiration:

Civil rights.

Women’s rights.

Human rights.

We’ve fought these

Kind of fights --

We fight

To make the fear


So listen here:

If you got a

Stick up your ass

About havin’ a

Dick up your ass,

Just relax!

There ain’t nobody tryin’ to

Pick up your ass!

You go live your life.

Let them live theirs.

Who really cares

What’s goin’ down in people’s bedrooms?

These ain’t public affairs!

And here’s a shout-out --

To those who have

Already concurred:

If you say, “Live, and let live,”

Make sure your voices are heard!

Spread the word!

If people say

It’s not okay

To be gay,

You say,


Who cares if you’re gay?


It’s okay

To love!”


If they say

Gays can’t adopt?


There’s lots of

Diff’rent fam’lies,

But what children need

The most of is love!

If they say

“Gay is a choice”?


Then props to them

Endurin’ your hate

While they attempt to find love!

If they say

“Gay is a sin”?


It’s man who wrote the Bible.

If a god exists,

I hope he’d choose love!

The New York Times -- June 25, 2011