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One take.  No editing.  No accompaniment.

Beyond 20% reverb?  No filters or effects or compression.

Nothing but the singer and the song.

And the audience.

The evolution of this song was very similar to the evolution of In The Rain.  I knew very early in the going what kind of a story I wanted to tell.  And upon settling on that idea, I also knew immediately that I wanted to emulate what Alanis Morrisette did for Your House (the hidden track on her Jagged Little Pill album).

But for the longest time, I couldn’t get the lyrics to fall into place.

I had to find the story arc.  I had to create a sturdy structure for both the lyrics and the melody that could stand on their own without accompaniment.  And once those were underway, then I had to navigate the tricky little rhyme scheme I concocted almost by accident.

The song was due at the very end of the day on Sunday.  As late as Friday night, things were still in the very early formative stages.  As late as Sunday morning, the lyric was still incomplete.  But this time (unlike with In The Rain), I wasn’t worried.  I knew that it would get done, and I knew that the recording process would be VERY fast for this one.

It’s a nice little song, I think.  I’m pleased with how it turned out, and I’m pleased with what it does.  It’s definitely cut from the same philosophical cloth as my other song about love.  (It even mirrors one of the lines!)   It’s love viewed not from a place of either romantic delusion or anguished despair, but rather from a place of acceptance based on understanding and optimism grounded in reality.

These may not be orthodox Hallmark sentiments, but I do think they work for this song . . .


Once again, we’ll post the lyrics a little differently.

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