I have to admit --

While writing this song,

I struggled to find words that rhyme.

It’s almost as if

My talent was gone.

I couldn’t find words that would rhyme.

The rhymes were all close --

But none of them true!

I’ve given up hope.

I feel like a fool!

What bugs me the most

Is this song doesn’t rhyme!

Had I gone to Berklee,

Would this song be working?

Would that have helped this song to rhyme?

Had I gone and bought us

A brand-new thesaurus --

Would that have helped find words that rhyme?

I’m out of my depth.

I’m grasping at straws.

I just can’t accept

I’m at such a loss.

I’ve got nothing left!

I can’t make this song rhyme!

Maybe it just doesn’t matter.

Maybe it’s gonna be fine.

Maybe the world will say, “Eh -- close enough!”

No -- it’s still gonna bug me!  Augh!!!

I just have to face it.

Give in to frustration.

I can’t make this stupid song rhyme!

You’ll just have to like it!

I’ll never rewrite it!

It’s pointless!  I can’t make it rhyme!

You get what you get,

So please don’t complain!

It bugs me to death,

But one fact remains --

‘Though I’ve done my best?

This song just doesn’t rhyme!

I’ve had discussions before with fellow TMA members about the art of rhyming words in songs.  The use of true rhymes versus “near” rhymes . . .

This challenge just seemed to lend itself to that discussion . . .

Download “This Song Doesn't Rhyme.mp3

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