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(Ex astris, scientia)

      (“From the stars, knowledge”)

God!!  No!!  Why?!?

Father Loyola -- (Founder of the Jesuits)

If you knew what we know now,

What would you think?

Would your faith still be strong,

Where mine is failing?

(Deus tecum)

      (“May God be with you”)

We found it.

The Vault.

They made sure that we would.

On the one seared planet

That survived.

(Deo gratias)

      (“Thanks be to God”)

No one thought we’d find a planet . . .

A small, scorched planet

In distant orbit

‘Round the small White Dwarf star

Left behind.

(Deo gratias)

      (“Thanks be to God”)

It survived the supernova.

They knew the end was coming.

And ev’rything they treasured,

They sent here.

So we’d know who they were . . .

(Deo gratias)

      (“Thanks be to God”)

They left their art.

They left their sculpture.

They left pictures and movies,

Recordings and texts.

With players and guides

And instructions.

So we know who they are.

(Requiescant in pace)

      (“May they rest in peace”)

We know who they were . . .

We saw their lives.

We saw their cities.

Saw them working and playing

And living and loving.

They almost looked human.

And I cannot forget . . .

(Pax tecum)

      (“Peace be with you”)

A scene

Of children

Playing in the waves;

Running down a beach

Of strange blue sand.

And there --

Sinking down behind them,

Casting warm reflections,

Sets the sun . . .

The sun . . .

(Pax tecum)

      (“Peace be with you”)

That will end them . . .

(Deus tecum)

      (“May God be with you”)

That destroyed them . . .

(Pax vobiscum)

      (“Peace be with you all”)

And we now know when . . .

(Ex astris, scientia)

      (“From the stars, knowledge”)


There were so many stars...

So many stars You could choose.

(Sic transit gloria mundi)

      (“So passes away the glory of the world”)

So why use

This star?

Why give this world

To the fire?

(Ad maiorem Dei gloriam)

      (“For the greater glory of God” -- Jesuit motto)

Just so this star’s light

Would shine down over


And -- just in case you’re interested?  Here’s an .mp3 of just the chorus part by itself.  (I’m really quite pleased with how it turned out.  For one thing -- it represents the meeting of a challenge, as I’m not terribly well-versed in choral music!  And for another thing?  I’m just impressed that I managed to sing the entire thing -- from a really low bass “D” to the “D” three octaves above that!)

Beyond the SpinTunes prompt itself, this song owes its existence to three sources of inspiration:

    •  Eric Whitacre’s song Sleep.

    •  Jayson Wilson’s stunning performance of

            Eric Whitacre’s Water Night.

    •  And, of course, the short story on which this song

            is based -- Arthur C. Clarke’s, The Star.