The THIRD Songwriting Cycle!!!

Yep -- we did it again!  Like the original Songwriting Cycle and its successor, Songwriting Cycle #2, each participant was assigned a challenge created by another participant in the Cycle.  But this time, everyone supplies two challenges, and  participants could then write a song for either option.  The challenges were all randomly assigned on the evening of October 26th, 2012, and the participants then had three weeks to finish their recordings.

So -- what were the challenges?

Well, first -- The Chocolate Chips challenged Graham Porter to write either (1) a song in any meter other than 4/4, or (2) a song that is composed in a minor key yet has “happy” or “uplifting” lyrics.

After that, Graham Porter challenged Kevin Savino-Riker to write either (1) a song whose lyric never repeats a single word throughout its entirety, or (2) a new song for an existing musical or opera.

In keeping with the spirit of things, Kevin Savino-Riker challenged The Offhand Band to write either (1) write a song inspired by another country he’d visited, or (2) a song inspired by another country he’d never visited!

Next, The Offhand Band challenged the BoffoYuxDudes to write either (1) a song whose lyric utilizes only incomplete sentences, or (2) “the kind of pop song that ‘real musicians’ would look down on the masses for liking,” but would, if pressed, admit that they really liked it, too.

Just to keep things interesting, the BoffoYuxDudes challenged Caleb Hines to write either (1) a “sensual song about laundry” or (2) a “vibrant ditty that involves extensive use of yodeling, keening, or snorting like a pig.”

Upping the ante, Caleb Hines challenged Edric Haleen to either (1) use a movie, TV show, online program, or book that he has recently watched or read as inspiration for a song, or (2) select a rhetorical device and translate it into music.

In retaliation, Edric Haleen challenged Ross Durand to write either (1) a song at cross-purposes to itself (one that by its very nature contradicts itself), or (2) an epic song about a mundane topic.

Then, Ross Durand challenged Dr. Lindyke to either (1) eat a fortune cookie and then write a song inspired by the fortune inside, or (2) read [either Dave or William’s] horoscope for October 26th, 2012 and then write a song based on it.

As if that weren’t enough, Dr. Lindyke challenged JoAnn Abbott to write either (1) a song with two or more distinct key signatures, or (2) a song describing a new County and Western dance.

In turn, JoAnn Abbott challenged Spencer Sokol to write either (1) a song that uses the words “always” and “never” as a jumping-off point (and includes those words in the lyric), or (2) a song based upon one of Aesop’s fables.

Not to be outdone, Spencer Sokol challenged Jutze Schult to write either (1) a song about directions (literal or metaphorical) to someplace (real or imaginary), or (2) a song about missing an important date or event.

Finally, Jutze Schult challenged The Chocolate Chips to write either (1) a song about a banjo, or (2) a song whose lyric contains either [A] three different words each repeated nine times in a row, or [B] nine different words each repeated three times in a row!

And so the cycle is complete!  (If you’d like to download these songs, we’ve once again set up a BandCamp page!)