Songwriting Cycle #2!

Given the success of the first Songwriting Cycle, I decided to do it again!  Like the Cycle before, each participant came up with a challenge for someone else, and the challenges were randomly assigned on the evening of March 18th, 2011.  All of the participants then had three weeks to finish their recordings.

So -- what were the challenges?

Well, first, JoAnn Abbott challenged Ross Durand to write a song that retells a fairy tale.

Next, Ross Durand challenged BoffoYuxDudes with the intentionally vague, “Upside-down.”

In retaliation, BoffoYuxDudes challenged Charlie McCarron to write an entirely new song that mashes up the titles of two other well-known songs!

Just to keep things interesting, Charlie McCarron challenged Graham Porter to write a new song for the credits of one of his [Graham’s] favorite movies.

In turn, Graham Porter challenged Dr. Lindyke to write a song about something or someone being haunted.

After that, Dr. Lindyke challenged Bryce Jensen to write a entertaining, military-themed song.

Upping the ante, Bryce Jensen challenged Caleb Hines to write a song (in the first-person) “about an imagined adventure in a place you long to visit.”

As if that weren’t enough, Caleb Hines challenged Duality237 to write a song that is, in fact, a letter from the future!

In keeping with the spirit of things, Duality237 challenged Edric Haleen to write a song about any internal organ below the neck except the heart!

Not to be outdone, Edric Haleen challenged Dave Gorbe to write a song that doesn’t use the letter “n” anywhere in the entire lyric!

Finally, Dave Gorbe challenged JoAnn Abbott to write a song in the [fine!] tradition of a drinking song.

And so the cycle is complete!  (If you’d like to download these songs, we’ve once again set up a BandCamp page!)