“B” is for

Songs written from the heart;
all of them completely
devoid of irony.Beautiful.html
“P” is for

I’ve written a new musical!  Click here to check out
The Princess Who
Saved Herself!http://princess.happinessboard.com/Home_Page.html
“G” is for

Songs which are either
heavily intellectual, 
or which explore odd,
esoteric minutiae.Geeky.html
“A” is for

Songs with a point of view,
something to say, or a
message for the
wider world.Activism.html
“M” is for

Songs which defy
easy categorization.
(Weird challenges =
weird song topics...)Miscellaneous.html
“F” is for

Songs which are just that -- fun!
(Far-ranging and weird
perhaps . . . but fun!)Fun.html