‘Nuff said.

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Part 2 of my bullying trilogy . . .)

There’s a child

Sitting in the sandbox,

Playing with a

Plastic pail and shovel,

When another child

Toddles up behind him

And takes the plastic

Shovel away.

And the child starts to cry

And, announcing his pain,

He wails,


There’s a girl

Heading out to recess,

Running with her

Friends across the playground.

But a group of girls

Follows close behind her

To call her names and

Laugh at her hair.

And the girl starts to cry

And, to deal with the pain,

The girl . . .


There’s a boy

Standing at his locker,

Taking out his

Books and his assignments.

But some other boys

Rip away his book bag

And kick the contents

Clear down the hall.

And the boy wants to cry,

But he locks all the pain

Deep inside.

Why are you so ugly?

And why are you so fat?

And don’t you wear deodorant?

What’s the deal with that?

And why are you so stupid?

And who picks out your clothes?

‘Cause I would rather die than be

Spotted wearing those!

And ev’ry time I see you,

I think I’m gonna gag

‘Cause God!  You’re such a loser!

And God!  You’re such a fag!

And God!  You’re still a virgin?!

(Or) God!  You’re such a whore!

And God!  It would be great not to

See you any more!

‘Cause no one really likes you

Or wants to be your friend.

And why you even matter

Is hard to comprehend.

You’re so completely worthless.

So why not go ahead

And do the world a favor


Well, maybe the grown-ups

Should step up and pass legislation.

The grown-ups will know how

To deal with this whole situation . . .

There’s a tribe --

Largely unmolested --

Living as they’ve

Lived for generations

‘Til the foreigners

Multiply in number

And rip their very

Culture away . . .

You must sign this treaty

And let us use your land

‘Cause we have great ambition

And borders to expand.

And yes, we do respect you

And don’t mean to impose --

But switch to our religion

And go put on some clothes!

And alter your traditions

And let us break your laws

And grant us more concessions

To help advance our cause

And let us take your oil

And give us all your gold

And all your coal and timber

That’s waiting to be sold.

And don’t cause any problems

Or rock the boat, ‘cause we

Expect you to assimilate,

Not to disagree.

For if you’re not an ally

On which we can rely,

Then we’ll just have to force you


I grant you, it’s sad that

That’s part of the tale of our nation,

But that’s just because they

Lived outside of civilization . . .

There’s a man

Much like any other,

Working hard to

Try and raise a fam’ly.

But society

Isn’t so accepting

And tries to take his

Freedoms away . . .

If your skin is diff’rent

Or if your eyes are odd

Or if you don’t have money

Or don’t believe in God

Or if you are a woman

Or from a foreign land,

Then you’re a lesser person

And we’ve the upper hand.

If we don’t think you’re worthy,

Then you won’t get to vote.

And if you’re here illegally --

Get back on the boat!

And if you’re homosexual,

We won’t let you wed

‘Cause God has things to say about

What you do in bed!

And if you don’t agree with us

Right on down the line?

Then you’re unpatriotic

And you don’t get to whine.

So don’t subvert our morals

And don’t deface our flags,

‘Cause we don’t brook dissension


Well, maybe we all could learn to

Just . . .

Get along? . . .

There’s a world

Full of life and wonder

Held in the em-

Brace of Mother Nature

‘Til a single group

Starts to feel entitled

And thinks that it’s the

Master of All . . .

Humankind is special

And better than the rest

‘Cause God gave us dominion

And now we know what’s best.

And ev’rything must serve how we

Live and what we grow.

The sheep and cows are fine

But the wolves have got to go.

And fuck the spotted owls,

‘Cause we can use the trees!

And dolphins best look out when we’re

Harvesting the seas!

And animals will cope if our

Pipelines ever break.

We’ll justify the means with the

Profits that we make!

And don’t say global warming is

Any real concern,

‘Cause we’ve still got a bounty of

Fossil fuels to burn!

And ev’rything is fine, ‘cause we’re

Sep’rate from the rest,

‘Cause humankind is special


. . .

There are spheres

Littering the Cosmos

Much like ours but

So far undiscovered

‘Til the fateful day

Human beings find them

And travel out to

Make them our own . . .