Some dogs chase cars.

Some dogs fetch sticks.

Some dogs chase tennis balls.

Some dogs do tricks.

Some dogs chase mailmen

Or chase their own tails.

But I like lyin’ around...

Some dogs herd sheep.

Some dogs pull sleds.

Some dogs track criminals

Who flee from the Feds.

But I prefer sleepin’

To earnin’ my keep.

You’ll find me lyin’ around.

It’s easy to love me

Just ‘cause I’m a dog.

Just scratch my ears

And pet my head

And scratch that spot

That always . . .

But please don’t expect me

To go for a jog!

Or fetch you the news!

Just give me a nice pair of bedroom slippers to chew on.

They’re so warm and fuzzy!

(And they remind me of you!)

Don’t make me work.

Don’t pull my tail!

Don’t teach me agility

Or make me hunt quail.

If you’ll just befriend me

I’ll be your best friend.

But just leave me lyin’ --

I’ll be right here lyin’ --

‘Cause I much prefer lyin’


(Just let sleepin’ dogs lie!)

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