At first,

You’re all anticipation:

When will he call?

Is she the one?

Where could this lead?

At first,

It’s all exhilaration!

Starting to fall . . .

Gathering speed . . .

And you’re flying!



Drowning in happiness!


Risking all!

Now that you’re falling in love!

In time,

A love begins compounding

Through all the things

That bring you close;

Making you more.

With time,

A love becomes astounding!

Like wings . . .

Helping you soar . . .

And you’re trusting.



Helping through compromise.


Giving all.

Finding a partner in love.

But still,

Your passion can forsake you

When tensions start to grow.

Frustrations overtake you.

Emotions overflow.

And ‘though you don’t mean to,

Your tempers can blow . . .

And you’re shouting.



Glaring through arguments.


Losing all.

Reaching the bound’ries of love.




Tortured by loneliness.


Letting go . . .

So now,

‘Though many things remind you

Of what you’ve lost;

Things gone awry --

Have faith,

‘Cause someone new may find you.

And when they do . . .

Maybe you’ll try . . .

And you’re healing.



Choosing to risk again.


Moving on . . .

For love!

This was an interesting challenge, in that it left the topic of the song wide open!  In other ways, the challenge allowed me the chance to do a few things that I had wanted to try -- like writing a song in 5/4, and adding drums into a song.  (The snare drum in Whispered In Your Ear doesn’t count!)  But I needed to settle upon a topic first, before I could do any of those other things.

Well, I went around for a couple of days, toying with ideas.  My mind kept coming back to the idea of a song about love, but I kept balking at it.  I mean, after all -- you’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs!  But my mind kept chewing it over, and eventually I had worked through enough of the structure of the song that the idea started sliding itself down the path towards inevitability.

Rather than writing a “love song,” I decided to write a song about love -- the entire journey.  I wrote all five of the choruses first, then went back and filled in the connecting verses afterwards.  And I like the story the song tells . . .

Interesting thing about this song?  I knew from the very beginning that it would have a bass line and a drum kit in it.  But I still composed the whole song just for voice and piano first.  And it was cool and all.  But once I went into GarageBand and started fleshing out the rest of the sound, I was just stupefied at what this song became.  The song ratcheted itself up to a whole new stratospheric level in my mind.  (The bridge in particular just floors me . . .)

‘Cause again, the same as with A Letter To Humanity -- this is not “effortless” for me.  It’s not like I could hear all of this in my mind before I sat down.  I could hear the rockin’ piano line in my head just fine, but I had to find the rest of the sound by trial and error.  Thank heavens I was on summer vacation, or I’d have never had the time to do all of the work that this version of the song required.  But boy am I pleased with how it turned out!!!

Download “Love.mp3

(Want the sheet music?)