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Truly.  A completely worthless song.  (But fun.)

(Recorded on Saturday, October 9th, 2010.

Third straight Spartan football victory over U of M!)

In honor of SpinTunes Two . . .

We’d like to present to you . . .

A “not-so-very-long,”

Completely worthless song

About Lansing, Michigan!

Lansing, Michigan’s

The greatest place on earth!

So why not come to Lansing

And be part of all the mirth?

We’re selling houses here

For nearly half of what they’re worth

In Lansing, Michigan!

Don’t believe the news --

Our city’s not a dive.

Our unemployment’s ten percent,

But -- eh! -- we still survive!

‘Cause once GM is solvent,

Our economy will thrive

In Lansing, Michigan!

It’s true -- for major sports teams

We’re a little too far west.

We can go watch the Lugnuts,

But Detroit’s got all the rest.

But even if we’re lacking,

There’s a fact that brings us smiles --

We’re very proud to say

There’s not a Wolverine for miles!!

Lansing, Michigan

Is where you oughtta be!

So many bars to frequent

And so many sights to see!

And if you come to visit

You could come and visit me!!

In Lan...

                    (Don’t be a prima donna!)

...sing . . .

                    (You know you really wanna!)


                    (We don’t you come and visit me?)

(It’s nowhere NEAR Ohio!!!)