1. Jason in Mason

  2. Winnie the Pooh

  3. MST at MSU

  4. Popsicles

  5. Barney's death

  6. Making someone else happy

  7. 5150 time and full vociferous endeavors.

  8. An off road Mountain Biking downhill that is steep enough to require a banked turn at the top of the other side.

  9. A trusty RPN HP scientific calculator (call me a nerd)

  10. Remembering all of my wonderful friends back at Michigan State University, including, but not limited to (don't KILL me if I don't list you - just MAIM me and leave me for dead...):  Denise Bickel, Kim Caldwell, Courtney Chapin, Curtis Clark, Mo Devaney, Brian Dauernheim, Zach DeYoung, Jason Dimkoff, Robert Dix, Cindy Emch, Loralee Fleming, Andy Geweke, Stephanie Gillain, Paul Harris, Scott Harrison, Becky Henry, Chris Hoving, Lynn Jacoby, Genie Johnson, Mike Joseph, Jay Judkowitz, Katie Ketchum, Tom Kochinski, Gina Kring, Jeff Laus, Becky "Never Trust Becky" Lorig, Karen Musicant, Heather Miller, Robin Sinkey, Edric Spivey, John Supanich, Anne Wissman, and Alan Wrobel.  Oh yeah, and that 'T' chick, too. -- Emailed with love by Matthew Cruikshank: I miss you all.

  11. Sunshine and children playing in a field of flowers

  12. Warm fuzzy kittens

  13. Passing all your midterms!

  14. "Boys are bad, beer is good..."

  15. Orange Beef

  16. Bach

  17. Magic -- especially on a rainy night.

  18. Good hands

  19. Unexpected homecomings

  20. The Van Gogh Cafe, by Cynthia Rylant

  21. Getting e-mail from strangers...

  22. Mannheim Steamroller

  23. A white Christmas

  24. Good re-runs of Star Trek:  The Next Generation

  25. Parabolas, hyperbolas, ellipses, and all the other conic sections.

  26. Paragraphs, hyperbole, and ellipsis.

  27. Hugs from my teenagers

  28. e-mail from anyone

  29. Sand volleyball

  30. The sweet smell of my homegrown roses

  31. Kind words

  32. Great web sites (such as this one!)

  33. Typing hypertext for a web page, and having the finished page not-suck!

  34. Bright and interesting kids who like things like the Happiness Board!  (from somebody's Mom)

  35. When the boss is shouting at you, imagine him in a dress.  (But be careful not to laugh in front of him!!)

  36. Coming home after an excruciating day and seeing your 3 year old's eyes light up when he sees you walking in the house

  37. Graduating from -- of all possible universities -- Michigan State University.  I really learned something there.

  38. A constant smile from Jordan and Joey McIntire, twin 4 year old boys from Springville, CA who love everyone!

  39. Mad Cow Disease

  40. Compatible companionship

  41. Paranoia, hyperactivity, and lapses in concentration.

  42. Flying a kite with my kids

  43. Sharing a banana split with someone I love

  44. Waking up with the sun and hearing birds sing

  45. Watching birds at the bird feeder

  46. Bike riding on a beautiful spring day

  47. Watching the waves roll into shore

  48. Skipping stones

  49. E-mail from strangers on my birthday

  50. Ordinary people, doing ordinary jobs, while thinking about something else

  51. Catching my 12 year old son drawing a map with his friend, trying to hide it when I walked into his room.  I got him to tell me it was a map of the storm drain sewers they'd been exploring.  His sense of adventure and fun was cool, and reminded me of when I went caving.

  52. Being wrong about someone hating you

  53. A storm on a dark night, when you can smell nature's power

  54. The passion that comes from dancing with someone who loves to dance

  55. A sunny day in Catherine Clarebrough's company.  Tell the world that Nick Fragel loves her!!

  56. Happiness is being an amputee and having a non-disabled man love you!

  57. Being yourself

  58. The smile of a beautiful woman

  59. C H E E S E H O L E ! ! ! !

  60. Finding your soul mate

  61. Knowing without a shadow of doubt that the person you're married to is your best friend

  62. Loving your mate without reservation, without hesitation, without doubt, and forever

  63. Watching a couple of mongrel dog pals trotting purposefully down the street to some adventure...

  64. Mellophucking

  65. Posting The Top Ten Reasons To Be A Mellophone on your band director's bulletin board

  66. Betty Crocker recipe chocolate chip cookies with pecans straight from the oven

  67. Chewing out guy piccolo players who really annoy you because they  threatened a freshman in your mellophone section and tried to make her  do demerit drill.  (All she did was slam a door in his face!)

  68. Getting the lip trill passage in Villainelle right

  69. I would like to see some short toenails attached to cute, meaty female  feet.  This would make me happy because then I would know I wasn't the  only person with really short toenails...

  70. Going back to school and seeing all of your friends again!!!

  71. We all have our bad days, but it is reassuring to know that God is still there, and I am covered with His grace.

  72. A hug from my 5 year old, just because she loves me . . .

  73. Getting the computer to do exactly what you want to do

  74. A nice drive with no destination in mind...

  75. Disneyland

  76. Happiness is watching a good movie in bed while it is raining outside, and with cookies and orange juice next to you

  77. Watching Canadian Geese fly by in the silence of the morning

  78. Remembering how it felt to be happy by default, and realizing that I can still do it

  79. My two year old daughter running to me when I get home from work

  80. When you can still smile even though you're missing Brookside because you've got so much work to do

  81. Finding out someone loves you as much as you love them

  82. Happiness is nitromethane

  83. Singing (and people enjoying it)

  84. Reading comic books shall bring about world peace

  85. Morning sunshine on the Loire river

  86. Cheesecake

  87. Juggling

  88. Handholding

  89. Children's kisses

  90. Cloudwatching

  91. Singing in the shower

  92. Watching the sunrise

  93. Riding your bike 100 miles

  94. I like how the birds sing, even when it's raining

  95. It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow

  96. If you like to pour cold water on things, become a fireman

  97. Skip

  98. Leave the toilet seat down

  99. Make a cake for someone

  100. Write thank you notes

  101. Call someone just to tell him/her how great they are

  102. Call an old friend you haven't talked to in a while

  103. Believe in wonder

  104. Watching the sun rise over the trees after a healthy night of 'star'  gazing

  105. Jumping in cold puddles

  106. Arriving home after a stressful day, picking up my cat, and cuddling with her on the couch.  My cat, Tabitha has added years to my life!

  107. My twin sister, Kate

  108. Michigan in Spring . . .  Just moved to Alabama, not the same!!

  109. Finally finding the information you are seeking after looking for days on the Internet

  110. Being happy in this day

  111. Spam

  112. Spam Lite

  113. More Spam

  114. Spam Hat

  115. Spam Song

  116. Spam Linguini

  117. Living in Tom Bombadil's house for a week

  118. I love just bursting out laughing for no reason at all

  119. When you're just walking along and people notice and watch you go by because of the HUGE smile on your face

  120. When my boyfriend picks me up when he hugs me (he's 6'3" and I'm 5'4")

  121. How my boyfriend's WHOLE family loves me and always invites me back, for several days in a row!

  122. Staying up late talking to my roomie about impossible romances, the perfect/beautiful guy (who's not), and THE ONE

  123. Ferry rides to beautiful islands I may live on one day, or at least visit this summer

  124. The possibility of paying off your first year of college, by yourself, with only one $1000 loan!

  125. Redeeming cans, free money!  (If you didn't buy it in the first place...)

  126. Hearing about companies that do Earth-friendly things (year-round, not just on Earth Day for good PR...)

  127. Having a cool guy from Europe that you met last summer call at 7:30 in the morning!

  128. Men with European accents!

  129. My dad, he's great!

  130. Finding almost the same home page as mine on the net!  Mine is "Happy

  131. Feeling Exchange"

  132. Spaghetti Parmesan and the waiters who serve it!!!

  133. God loves you and there is not one thing you can do to change that!!

  134. "You do it forever and you end up with eight." -- Joel Dale

  135. Having a houseboat on the Amite River and getting away from it all -- I love it

  136. Making a list of things to do and not doing any of them

  137. Reaching out when someone needs you

  138. Someone reaching out when you need them

  139. A bubble bath

  140. Searching for "cloudwatching" on the net and finding your page!

  141. Finding a checkout line in the grocery store with no one in line on a

  142. Friday afternoon

  143. When you are scared, hold on to the King of the Jungle

  144. Cough drops

  145. Suite 424, Garneau Hall, WMU

  146. A first kiss that you've anticipated for months...

  147. The first kiss from that special person...

  148. Bob Ross--nice happy trees

  149. Punch me Elmo

  150. Waking up in the middle of the night to realize you have five more hours to sleep!

  151. Seinfeld

  152. Jesus Christ

  153. Dancing to funky music

  154. Paying off your car loan, early!

  155. The Dallas Cowboys

  156. Waking up without the alarm clock

  157. Texas Bluebonnets

  158. If the sun is shining, enjoy it -- it might not be here tomorrow

  159. I love nice weather and the pretty flowers and the bright yellow sun

  160. Whenever one needs to relieve their stress, they should definitely try cruising!  It's just the best way to spend your time and your money.  It's relaxing and fun and worth every penny!!

  161. LE PREMIER DE L'ETE!!!!!!!!! (the first day of summer) and (of course) having green finger nail polish and painting your finger nails with it ALL SUMMER LONG!  Besides that, I love summer (J'adore ete!)

  162. Waking up in the morning to a hot, sunny day and a beautiful woman snuggled up against you

  163. My happy thought is to be with Tyra Banks on a beach in Puerto Rico

  164. Seeing your first grandchild for the first time

  165. Firing up a cigarette and just downloading at the Ole Multimedia Cafe'

  166. We should treat each day with all the vim and vigor that we possess, because tomorrow may never come, but remember -- love, health, and happiness.  Love conquers all...

  167. When my husband tickles me because he "loves to hear me laugh"

  168. Thinking about my great grandchildren

  169. Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired

  170. A blue lake, blue sky, and sunshine today!

  171. My logon:  ping-hung

  172. My happy thought is stepping into my beat-up 1974 Volkswagen

  173. Karmann-Ghia and having it start up on the first crank with no noxious smoke or bad timing pops or flame outs

  174. A ball in the back of the net

  175. Spam rules man!

  176. To be loved by the person you loved

  177. Happiness is settled deep in my heart when I am sitting and watching snow flakes . . . falling and hitting the window . . . each one is so beautifully different . . . and seeing everything turn white with a beautiful white blanket . . . and knowing I don't have to go or do anything . . . just sit and watch the snow flakes falling . . .

  178. It makes me happy to receive a telephone call . . . when it is snowing . . . to have a friend say, "It is snowing" . . . and know my friends think so much of me to know I enjoy watching snow so much . . . they want to join in my pleasure and snow makes them think of me . . .

  179. Friends are happiness

  180. Pleasure is happiness

  181. A place to share your happiness is so nice of a person to help spread happiness around.  You are happiness, through sharing . . .

  182. Laughter is happiness

  183. Tears of happiness are the best, and brought out through happy, happy things....

  184. Today I handed in an assignment and now I have nothing to do but relax, go to the movies, and sail down the harbor on Sunday night . . .  I'm so lucky to be me . . .

  185. Biscuit & Peaches, my two Yorkshire terriers!!

  186. I get to move back to Mason Hall [birthplace of the Happiness Board] in the fall!

  187. Spending the summer on Prudence Island (Rhode Island) with no cares in the world . . . like when we were kids

  188. Going to the post office and finding a letter from a seldom seen friend

  189. Working at a job I actually love, not being caught in "the daily grind"

  190. I love Jake Bower!!  Always and forever!!

  191. Having your love tell you they love you -- and knowing they mean it!

  192. Scheming plans with friends about other friends

  193. I'm so happy 'cause today I found my friends in my head

  194. We are so grateful for the rain we have received in West Texas today to help us grow the cotton that we need to make a living

  195. When you've got a million things to do and a gazillion stresses, and thespouse says, "I'll do all of that (packing up a 2500 sq. ft house!!), you go and just get the things important to you (marking, playing the harp) done."  Wow.  What a guy.

  196. Bunny slippers -- it's hard to take anything too seriously while wearing them

  197. The feeling waking up next to your boyfriend of a morning

  198. Just three words/Have the power to move --/From these three words/A new life can come/Wrought throught those three words/To live by those three words/Three words/Can save lives/From soul destruction/Soul food -- those three words/And those three words/Can change lives/From good to bad/Bad to good/By those three words --/I Love You

  199. Believing in God

  200. Faith

  201. Hope

  202. Roses

  203. Peace

  204. Love

  205. Girls in muddy Nikes

  206. Happiness is not having what you want , but wanting what you have

  207. My happy thought every year is:  RAGBRAI

  208. Loving Anne-Marie

  209. New guitar strings!

  210. Red furry handcuffs

  211. A second chance at life just by asking for it from God

  212. Realizing light at end of tunnel was a mirror

  213. His name is Stevie, and we met over the phone.  He swept me off my feet.  We are so unbelievably alike.  I found everything that I had been looking for all wrapped up in one person:  a great personality, good looks, a sense of humor, goals in life, and of course he gives me all the attention I could possibly want.  I am truly happy -- I'm falling in love with a great guy.

  214. Me and my boyfriend Dennis got together this year.  I am a preppie school girl and he is a nature-lover and a coon hunter.  The match doesn't seem likely does it?  Yet we have been going out for more than 9 months and about one month ago he asked me if i would marry him.  I am so happy with him.

  215. You can pick your nose with your toes and smell your sweaty feet.  PS:  Don't eat meat

  216. Fireflies on a summer night

  217. Jamie Lynn Vandapool, if only for two months at a time

  218. Knowing I'm LOVED by a lot of people

  219. Our eleven-month wedding anniversary (today)

  220. The smile that comes to your face when you look into someone's eyes and see love shining back!

  221. Life's too short, so take some risks

  222. Chris W.

  223. Family

  224. Knowing that we are the ultimate -- limitations are only of the mind

  225. If all of us could just learn one thing each new day, it would make us realize that we all have a reason for living.  We have so much to be thankful for...even though it might seem like just everyday stuff.  I work at a Hospice Care Center and I value life, especially the quality of life.  Death is a part of life and we can all admit that someday we will all be at death's door.  But in the meantime, smile at a stranger, let someone ahead of you in the grocery store line, help another person open a door...  You'll be glad you did because it will always come back to you in even greater rewards.  Today is your chance to smile and be postive....just do it!

  226. A brand new day ahead of us...

  227. Getting your first teaching job!!!  YEAH!!!!

  228. Edric's Internet Happiness Board

  229. Happiness is a warm gun (the Beatles)

  230. Knowing that Jasin Kania is not worth my time

  231. A bicycle ride in the rain at 1:00 am

  232. My 3 year old, who defies the law of averages getting her shoes on the wrong feet 95% of the time, said to me this morning, "You can't put your socks on the wrong feet."  I responded, "True, but you can put them on the right foot and THEN the left foot!"  (She groaned and got my joke, but her observation made me smile all day!)

  233. Rain coats

  234. New pens

  235. Fuzzy pickles

  236. Tigger!

  237. HYC

  238. SCA

  239. Grandmothers

  240. Having a car

  241. 1:00pm  :-)

  242. "There's a pixie in your window."

  243. Soccer

  244. Hockey

  245. Sockey and hocker

  246. Weezer

  247. Antares' room

  248. People with dimples

  249. Dan Phillips

  250. Sarah McClelland

  251. Mary Leinart

  252. Antares Diekow

  253. E-mail

  254. Aaron Superstar

  255. Hogo-slut on the run

  256. People named Jeff

  257. Rick Preston

  258. September 17th

  259. Australia

  260. Red Hot Chili Peppers

  261. Les Miserables

  262. Mr. Lund-the best teacher in the world

  263. Mr. Hanna -- the other best teacher in the world

  264. KMFDM

  265. Sitting barefoot in a dark room for 3 hours with no parents watching Red Dwarf beating on Nick with Mary's birthday spatula

  266. Memories

  267. Parties

  268. Not passing out unexpectedly

  269. Peace, love & happiness

  270. The Beatles

  271. Lemon bread

  272. The Simpsons

  273. The Espe's

  274. People who don't even know you giving you X-mas cards

  275. Life=death

  276. Japanimation!!!

  277. Nieces and nephews

  278. Money

  279. Computers

  280. Computer glow skin

  281. Manda Levie

  282. Cory Williams

  283. Party till ya puke!

  284. Finding "Sandbox" on the Internet after Hotbot shows your page as the only reference to it!

  285. Spending a beautiful evening lying on a blanket outside with the person you love, just sharing thoughts, feelings, and time together, and knowing that there is no other place in the world that either of you would rather be.

  286. To love someone means to feed your heart

  287. Listening to raindrops on the roof

  288. Finding the perfect present for someone and watching them receive it

  289. For those of you at MST '97 and know what I mean:  Happiness is playing the Great Dalmuti and SQUIRREL SINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Having my e-mail friend, Hilary

  291. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

  292. Falling asleep with your head on someone's tummy

  293. The smell of pine trees (esp. Cedar & Juniper Berry)

  294. The tattoo you designed yourself

  295. Season premieres

  296. Finding this site when i never thought I'd smile again

  297. Getting a hug without telling anyone you need one

  298. Figuring out what you want to be when you grow up

  299. The smell in the air early in the morning that just says the day is going to be hot, and the smell in the air after a thunder storm

  300. Live life, love, learn, take what life has to teach, and you will evolve into the true self.  Allow life to give you its maximum, and the strength will come from the lesson of life itself

  301. Carpe Diem

  302. When the house is empty and no one is there to here you play for hours on your piano

  303. A good movie, a warm blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate on a cold snowy evening

  304. An evening with family and friends, playing Canasta  :-)

  305. The Ren and Stimpy "happy happy joy joy" song

  306. Looking into his gorgeous eyes and seeing him looking right back at you

  307. Finding your soul mate unexpectedly by reading public notices on a bulletin board!

  308. When you wake up in the morning and can smell a thunderstorm coming to break up the neverending heat

  309. Being wanted by someone you want, being loved by someone you love

  310. Sitting up all night cuddling on the couch watching shitty movies, and not turning them off because you want to sit with him all night

  311. Hearing from some of my best friends, stuffed elephants, and burning candles

  312. Clean clothes, first graders, seeing my best friend for the first time in a long time, and naps with my boyfriend

  313. Knowing God loves me!

  314. Ben Henderson, snowboarding, surfing in the warm sun in California, camping in the woods, freshly picked strawberries with whipped cream, my family, looking up at the stars, sleeping, and good friends

  315. Nothing bad has happened to Ellen today!

  316. Wearing striped socks to perform in a symphony concert

  317. My happy thought is that I'm sitting here on the Internet, depressed as f*ck, thinking there's nothing that can possibly make me happy right now or ever, and so I type in, under search, "what thought can make me happy?" and something other than insignificant bullsh*t comes up under the results.  That's amazing.  It's sweet that a site like this even exists, and a good place, 'cause the Internet is filled with depressed and masochistic people.  It makes me happy.  And the character of Muriel's best friend in 'Muriel's Wedding' (a phenomenal movie), she makes me happy.  It's not even a feeling as broad and established as happiness; it's just bringing a smile to your face.  Thank you  :-)

  318. Reading this and being reminded of what "happy" really is.  And well, you can almost "feel" all these people inside of you when you read what they have to say -- it makes you smile, chuckle, feel warm and fuzzy . . .  It's great!   Thanks!

  319. Really GREAT Italian Food!

  320. Knowing that our cat, Hobbes, is absolutely schizophrenic

  321. Finally spending a New Year's Eve sober, and having it be the best of my life!

  322. Finding this wonderful site when I needed to remember.  Thanks!

  323. Loving more than one person and knowing that's okay

  324. Being young

  325. Chocolate Santa Clauses in the Gift and Bible store ;-)

  326. A little thought to brighten your day -- happiness is knowing that somebody out in the void is looking up and seeing your smiling face and knowing that someday she'll make you very happy . . .

  327. Practice reckless beauty and random acts of kindness

  328. Smile, and the world will be a better place

  329. Finding someone who kept a "things to be happy about" book, too

  330. Feeling sexy because you have two buttons unbuttoned on your white button-down shirt

  331. Watching your friend drop a book on her head

  332. Half-priced Valentine's Day candy

  333. Actually wanting to write a literary analysis

  334. Remembering to appear really happy when a boy who broke your heart walks past you

  335. Hearing your younger brother tell you that he will beat up the boy who made you cry

  336. That's what you get.  You don't blow into a salt shaker, you dumbass!

  337. She could be the one...

  338. Diet Pepsi and doorknobs

  339. BOBBY PINS!!!!     :-)

  340. Tee-hee-hee.  Ka-tee-hee-hee.  hee-hee...gasp...hee-hee...gasp..tee-hee-hee...snort...hee-HEE-ha-ha-ha-ha.

  341. "Saturday Night" . . .  Saturday night??!

  342. Elephant shoes

  343. Happiness is being loved despite . . .

  344. Happiness is being loved even when you say dumb things

  345. Getting an Easter Basket in the mail from Mom, even though I'm 23.

  346. Men with nicely applied makeup

  347. Getting orders from amazon.com

  348. Having a boyfriend who will take care of me and still find me attractive when I'm in the midst of the flu

  349. Creamy Chicken Ramen

  350. Finding out your English professor smoked a joint with Allen Ginsburg on the Gettysburg College campus in the late 50's

  351. Getting a yellow daisy plant from a boy you like

  352. Taking care of a sick friend with the maternal instincts you got from your mother

  353. Putting extra money in expired parking meters, and saving someone from a ticket

  354. Being proud of your journalism final

  355. Going on a week's vacation with only my new husband for some quality time alone

  356. Wrestlers

  357. Muscles

  358. Patrick Rider -- the love of my life

  359. Having a one in a billion angel for a roommate -- Vincent, from Toronto, ON

  360. Lunches with my 81 year old cousin, Eddie, who kicks butt and makes me feel old, but still gives me my special princess time just when I need it.  He's the best!!!

  361. Throwing a dinner party without burning any of the courses

  362. Playing teddies with my husband

  363. Getting class canceled

  364. Hand massages

  365. Red toenails

  366. Fluffy down comforters

  367. Long, mushy phone calls with someone you miss

  368. Flip-flops

  369. Pushing snooze

  370. Pushing snooze twice

  371. Butterfly kisses

  372. Clear skin

  373. Flat tummies

  374. Big bright rainbows

  375. Leftover pizza

  376. Vanilla shakes

  377. Glow sticks in dance clubs

  378. Las Vegas on New Year's Eve 2000

  379. Las Vegas

  380. Seinfeld reruns

  381. Toasted tuna melts

  382. Long awaited phone calls

  383. Good horoscopes

  384. My bestest friendship...Alexa Michelle Lee McLean

  385. Happiness is when my cat joins me for a bath

  386. Just being alive and healthy!!!

  387. Hearing the phone ring and knowing it's him

  388. Long distance calls from New York

  389. Walking into the wrong dorm room at 5 in the morning, and then trying to explain why you were disoriented

  390. Happiness is having a son who recognizes happiness when he sees it, and helps others to see it also

  391. Happiness is thinking about all the real people who posted something on the happiness board and smiled . . . Thanks!

  392. The colour yellow

  393. The unconditional love of pets

  394. Knowing someone loves you

  395. Compliments

  396. Wanting to start a new "things to be happy about" book on Jan. 1st, but deciding I couldn't wait until then

  397. Almost giving up at the 3 mile mark, but pushing myself to 4 and sprinting the last mile

  398. Christmas cards from friends from Australia

  399. Having a boy tell you that you'd make the perfect girlfriend

  400. Making a pact with someone that if neither of you had a valentine, you'd be each other's

  401. Hearing a story about an 8 year old boy donating $25 of his birthday money to the children's hospital because, "No child should be in the hospital on Christmas"

  402. Children wise beyond their years

  403. Reminiscing about how much we've grown in the past four years, with a best friend

  404. Benching 85 pounds at the gym...wahooo!

  405. The Christmas spirit

  406. Knowing that a mere kiss has the ability to turn you into putty

  407. Knowing that distance means nothing to a friendship, especially when you have IM

  408. Remembering how much has changed in one year

  409. Feeling sexy, even though you are sweaty and red-faced, as you lift weights at the gym

  410. Two incredible songs:  "Make Someone Happy" and "Unforgettable"

  411. Having a boy tell you that he has a big shower if you want to drive four hours to join him

  412. Reading your board on an otherwise boring day in the cube made me happy

  413. No fighting anywhere

  414. Finding money

  415. The happiness of my friends

  416. I was sitting with my friend in a small cafe in old part of Prague, when one couple came in.  It was clear that they were old foreigners who were traveling.  They had gray hair and they were probably tired, but you should see their eyes!  They looked at each other as they were just married.  I gave a glance at my friend and thought, "It would be so great if, one day, when we would be 60 or 70, we would still be together.  We would come to some city, we would be very tired of walking all the day, we would come by to a small cafe and he would be looking at me as we were just married, and I would also look at him and see that handsome guy in an old man with gray hair . . ."  Then I looked at my friend again and said, "Do you know what I just thought?"  And he said, "Wait a second, let me tell you what I just thought."  And his thought was, "It would be so great if, one day, when we would be 60 or 70, we would still be together.  We would come to some city abroad and we would be very tired of walking the whole day in this city.  We would come by a small cafe, and I would be looking at you as if you were the only woman in my life, and we would feel as if we were just married and I would see that beautiful girl in an old woman with gray hair . . ."  That was my moment of happiness.

  417. Happiness is x=10, FINALLY!!!!

  418. Laying in bed, listening to the rain, and having him promise that he will always love you as much as he does at that exact moment

  419. Make-up sex

  420. Getting diamonds on your anniversary

  421. Looking out the window on a rainy day and realizing that everything

  422. REALLY will be OK

  423. I think your board is such a great idea and sure does do a great deal   for bad days

  424. Better living through chemistry!

  425. This makes me happy:  Realizing that Sam really does love me and learning that love is more than a feeling...  Looking at him and knowing that I love him...  Being in his arms and praying that he does not let go...  And last, watching him do things he is good at and that make him happy

  426. My dog's curly tail bouncing as she jumps through snow drifts...

  427. Reading the same copy of Harry Potter with my 8 year old son -- He's reading in Chapter 7 while I'm reading in Chapter 12

  428. My mom's scent and her hands on my forehead

  429. Rain

  430. Traveling & traveling, knowing that one day I'll be home

  431. Champagne on New Year's Eve

  432. The sound and feel of cold streams in the mountains

  433. Spring (the season)

  434. Meeting good, old friends

  435. We create the world we live in.  A loving person lives in a loving world.  A hostile person lives in a hostile world.  So every one you meet is your mirror.

  436. Mr. Rogers was a genuinely great guy, not an act

  437. A warm, chocolate chip lava cookie after another good day

  438. Seeing someone in public who looks and acts truly happy

  439. Seeing a blissfully happy and contented smile on the face of someone who is enfolded in the arms of the person she loves

  440. Good people

  441. The “No Parapro Left Behind” News

  442. Kindergartners

  443. Snow Day!

  444. A complete stranger jumped out of his truck this morning and cleaned the snow off my back bumper at a stoplight because my brake lights were hard to see

  445. It’s really been me all along

  446. “I respect anyone who correctly spells diarrhea in conversation...”

  447. Completely Worthless Points!

  448. Hitting a game-winning 3-pointer or diving into the stands after a loose ball.

  449. Yours is the first footprint in the newly fallen snow.

  450. Happiness is knowing I was correct for NOT assuming.

  451. Learning something wonderful and new from your boyfriend!  (How to tie a shoe in a different way...  YAY!)

  452. My “Graduation Certificate” for patients that completed their PT.  Today, five people graduated successfully!  YAY!

  453. Hearing a former student share with you that he still remembers an esoteric way of explaining a mathematical concept from years ago, and that his friends are stunned that he can do those kinds of problems so much more quickly than they can.

  454. Reading the Happiness Board for the first time.

  455. Singing along to “I Hope You Die”!

  456. Having something to look forward to . . . like vacation or hearing the music that goes with the “I Hope You Die” song.

  457. Looking forward to the NEXT time I hear “I Hope You Die” -- the greatest song of all time.

  458. When the MSU Spartans succeed at one of the best bowl game wins . . . EVER!!  Go Green!!

  459. Having a person you always love, no matter what.

  460. Discovering this board by googling my name.

  461. Reality checks = love; when provided by your significant other.  Thank you, and I love you.

  462. Hearing from friends.

  463. Google-ing a friend from high school and finding out that he is alive and (appears) well in Michigan.

  464. Anticipating the return of your mom and the promise of new songs to sing at Blue Moon rehearsal tomorrow.

  465. How wonderful to just feel happy!

  466. Semi-randomly finding the happiness board again more than 20 years after being at MST@MSU and being flooded with memories.

  467. A KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate bar.

  468. Jumping in puddles in new Wellington boots.

  469. Cuddles!

  470. The math website https://3blue1brown.com

  471. The math video https://youtu.be/UTCScjoPymA

  472. The following math problem:  “Compute the number of quadratic functions whose coefficients are positive integers if they all pass via (1,12).”

  473. The book ARML-NYSML Contests, 1989-1994 by Lawrence Zimmerman and Gilbert Kessler.

  474. “weloveyouedric.html” -- precisely because it was a non-working link!


  476. Thanks for the hunt and hint support!


  478. Thinking of my old classmates and teachers and being reminded of the nostalgia of how things used to be  :)

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