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I’ve been fortunate enough (?) to have only had to endure the pain of two breakups in my life.  But they were both excruciating.  (I handled them well -- I was still healthy and kept things in perspective while I was grieving -- but still, they were both excruciating.)  So I will take issue with anyone who suggests that the pain of a breakup is purely emotional and can’t also be physical . . .

As for the I-V-vi-IV chord progression that was at the heart of this challenge.  I’m sure a lot of people expected me to try to sneak around it or “letter-of-the-law” it.  Nope.  As I’ve often done, I tried to burrow into the very heart of the challenge, to explore its very nature.  And this, it seemed, was begging for the songwriters to write the standard, perhaps stereotypical, four-chord “hit song.”

So that’s what I tried to do.  No tricksiness.  No oblique takes.  To the best of my ability -- a four-chord hit song.

I discovered very quickly that I apparently have never written a song around this progression -- it felt very strange and foreign under my fingers.  And it was with great delight that I discovered that the bridge I was humming in my head was actually the “sensitive feminine chord progression” (as dubbed by Marc Hirsh) -- the variation of this progression that starts with the “iv” chord instead of the “I” chord (namely, iv-IV-I-V).

So I wrote about a breakup.  I repeated the title incessantly throughout the choruses.  I made the best attempt I could at creating a “Top 40” orchestration.  Did I succeed?

I guess that’s for others to decide . . .


P.S.  On another note?  I used nothing pre-existing in the creation of this orchestration.  All the itchy-stritchy highhat hits and the funky drum grooves?  I DID THAT.  (And I’m damn proud of myself, ‘cause drums aren’t something I do well at all.)

Even more musical growth.  Thank you, SpinTunes.

Guest Artist:  Heather Zink

Bonus Material:  Here you can hear the very end of the final take that Heather recorded for me.  Straight as she sent it to me.  Made me laugh and laugh and laugh . . .

I never knew hearts

Could act’ally hurt.

I never knew loss

Could trigger the pain I feel.

You try to avoid.

You try to avert.

You try to convince yourself

That the pain’s not real.

I’ve tried to keep all my feelings at bay --

To put up a wall since you went away.

So why do I fall right back

Into missing you?

I don’t understand

Why you went away.

I don’t understand

What happened to change your mind.

But now you have thrown

Me back in the fray.

You took all my love

And left only pain behind . . .

It’s time for my heart to finally heal.

It’s time to take part in things that appeal.

It’s time that I start to try

And get over you . . .

I wanna go dancing.

I wanna go dancing.

I wanna get out on the floor

And not dwell any more

On the pain of missing you.

I wanna go dancing.

I wanna go dancing.

I wanna go dancing

To help get over you.

They tell you that wounds

Feel better with time.

They tell you your heart

Will heal when you just let go.

But how you broke up

With me was a crime.

And how someone gets

Beyond that I just don’t know.

I’m sick of regret and pain from the past.

I wanna forget those feelings at last.

I’ve gotta just let you go

And get over you . . .

I wanna go dancing.

I wanna go dancing.

I wanna get lost in the noise.

Be surrounded by boys

Who aren’t anything like you.

I wanna go dancing.

I wanna go dancing.

I wanna go dancing

Until I’m over you.

You said, “It’s all for the best.”

But tell the pain in my chest --

It doesn’t think that it’s true.

There’s no consoling a heart

That feels like tearing apart

Each time I start to remember you.

I tell myself to be strong --

To just keep moving along

While I regroup and rebuild.

But still, it feels like my soul

Has got this big, gaping hole

That may not ever be filled again.


I wanna go dancing.

I wanna get out of my brain

And escape from the pain

And move on -- find someone new . . .

I wanna go dancing.

I gotta go dancing.

I wanna get up and move on

‘Til the heartache is gone

And this agony is through.

I wanna go dancing.

I gotta go dancing.

I oughtta be dancing . . .

But I’m not over you.