A big, sprawling song for
Round 2 of SpinTunes #13!To_My_Fifteen-Year-Old_Self.html

Here’s a video of me performing at my good friend Matt’s reception.  This was my wedding gift to him.  (Well, this -- and a set of towels . . .)

(If it’s too small, you can click the “fullscreen” button.)

And now . . . the songs!

Here’s a song I wrote for my mother,

to help celebrate her 64th birthday . . .

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And a song I wrote for an old college roommate --

who hated the country music his girlfriend loved . . .

Me and Mike Lombardo chatting about music

and songwriting on “Too Much Awesome.”

A cover of a song written by Inverse T. Clown --

the friend of a friend that I met over at TMA . . .

• Sunsets   • Friends   • Hershey's Kisses (and Hugs)   • Indian Summer   • Sleep   • When you get to play in the mud   • Daydreaming

• A warm smile and a soft laugh   • Warm autumn days and hot chocolate with someone you care about   • Smiles   • Fridays   • Hugs

• Songs which bring up past memories   • Smooches   • Déjà vu   • Leaf fight!!!   • Miniature Golf   • Rainbows   • Candy   • Ice cream

A quick video of me singing a song I wrote for

“The Dog” in a local children’s show . . .

A “Songwriting Cycle” that I started amongst

a group of some of my online musician friends.

The third iteration of the grand songwriting

experiment that is the “Songwriting Cycle”!

• Staying up all night to finish my homework so I don't have to do it Saturday   • A sky with millions of stars   • Violins   • True Love

• Deep dreaming   • Unwarranted gratitude   • Caffeine   • Free pizza   • The smell after it rains   • Déjà vu   • An unexpected surprise

• Winter nights full of stars when you can see your breath rise   • Huge bear hugs   • Jumping   • Falling asleep in a sunbeam   • Music

Edric Haleen

Edric has been writing music since the early nineties.  He loves the theatre, and is inspired by the music of Stephen Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Adam Guettel, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, and Tim Minchin.  He has enjoyed competed in various Internet songwriting competitions, and has written two musicals -- The Pushcart War, based on Jean Merrill’s wonderful novel, and The Princess Who Saved Herself, based on Jonathan Coulton’s wonderful song.

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Of all things . . . a poem!

The second iteration of the grand songwriting

experiment that is the “Songwriting Cycle”!

And . . . another poem!

(. . . and another one for when

she turned seventy-two!)

“A” is for “Activism”

Songs with a point of view, something to say,
or a message for the wider world.Activism.html
“G” is for “Geeky”

Songs which are heavily intellectual, 
or which explore odd, esoteric minutiae.Geeky.html
“B” is for “Beautiful”

Songs written from the heart --
all completely devoid of irony.Beautiful.html
“M” is for “Misc.”

Songs which defy categorization.
(Weird challenges = weird song topics...)Miscellaneous.html
“F” is for “Fun”

Songs which are just that -- fun!
(Far-ranging and weird perhaps . . . but fun!)Fun.html
“P” is for “Princess”

I’ve written a new musical!  Check out
The Princess Who Saved Herself!http://princess.happinessboard.com/Home_Page.html
(My full discography in reverse-chronological order...)Full_Discography.html

Click this oval to check out my new musical,

based on the Jonathan Coulton song!

Plus some other “odds ‘n’ ends” . . .