Christmas Music!

In December of 1995, an airline had lost my girlfriend’s luggage.  She told me that one of things she most regretted losing was a book of piano music that included “a cool, jazzy arrangement of Let It Snow.”  So I arranged this version to try to replace it . . .

The next year, I decided to create another arrangement.  It’s called Angels..., and to this day, I still think that it’s one of the very best things I have ever written . . .

In 1997, I wrote a piano duet of Winter Wonderland for my girlfriend and I to play together.  If you pay attention, you can hear a musical quote from my arrangement of Let It Snow hiding in there.  (“Later on, we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire that’s slowly dying . . .”)

I wrote It Looks A Lot Like Christmas in 1998.  It’s built around the hymn Silent Night, and it contains some of the most poetical lyrics I’ve ever written.  It was written about a breakup, but it works just as well as a song about the loss of a loved one . . .

In December of 1999, I wrote another duet.  I don’t remember why I picked these two particular songs.  It’s not as if they go together or “match” in any logical way, although I did get the two songs to mesh together at the end of the arrangement . . .

In 2000, I wrote this big, bombastic arrangement of The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.  I chose the song because I always look forward to the Christmas season, even though I’m not religious.  (It’s also quite a lot of fun to play . . .)

I wrote The Night Before for the third challenge in Masters of Song Fu #5 in December of 2009.  In the third round, the challengers were supposed to write a holiday song that wasn’t explicitly about the holidays.  So I came up with this song . . .

Happy Holidays!!!

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(Download)    01  Let It Snow

(Download)    02  Angels...

(Download)    03  Winter Wonderland

                                   Guest vocalist:  Abigail English

                                   Guest pianist:  Dan Alt (Piano Secondo)

(Download)    04  It Looks A Lot Like Christmas

(Download)    05  The First Noël/Away In A Manger

                                   Guest pianist:  Dan Alt (Piano Secondo)

(Download)    06  The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

(Download)    07  The Night Before