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Oh, how I did not want to meet this challenge when I first set eyes upon this challenge.

    “Write a hate song about someone.”

I so really very much did not want to do this.  Not only am I not a person who spreads hate around, I actively work towards trying to stop the spread of hate in our world.  (And the fact that I had just come out of the process of writing part three of my bullying trilogy didn’t help, either.  I was ready to write a lighter, happier song this time around -- but this was the challenge we got instead.)

And this challenge was also tricky in its very specific use of the singular term “someone.”  We couldn’t pick a faceless group of people against whom to direct our hate.  (Like say, for example, the legislature that keeps screwing over public education every chance it gets.)  And we couldn’t “hate on” animals or things, either.  No -- this challenge directed us to pick either a person who could serve as a figurehead or representative for a group, or an actual person on his or her own merits.

Now -- there certainly are ways about going about this kind of a song in a lighter way.  But sadly (?), I don’t have a singular person in my life about whom I feel strongly enough to write a song like this fantastic effort from Tim Minchin.  And while there is a certain figurehead at whom I have, at times, taken some musical shots, I’m not sure there will ever be a better song on that front than this one -- and I certainly wasn’t going to be the one to try . . .

So what to do?

I settled upon this.  It’s a concerted attempt to portray the counterproductive nature of hate.  It has thematic roots in both Twain’s The War Prayer and in Stephen Sondheim’s No One Is Alone.

And beyond that?  It simply is what it is.  It’s my response to this particular challenge.  Hopefully, it has something to say to its listeners.

(And with any luck, I’ll like the next challenge more . . .)

Guest Artist:  Adam Sakellarides

Where are you?

I know you’re out there . . .

Show yourself . . .

You fucking bastard.

I know you’re hiding.

I saw you out there.

Where’d you go?

Just stick your head out.

You fucking coward.

I fucking hate you.

I hope you’re tortured.

I hope we kill you.

I hope you suffer.

Serve you right.

I’ll blow your brains out.

I fucking hate you.

And you deserve it.

You’re why I’m in

God-forsaken land

Instead of with my wife.

Yes -- I could be at home

Instead of here with you.

But you attack our land.

Condemn our way of life.

You murder wives and children.

Turn buildings into rubble.

So I will make you pay.

Yes, I will take you down.

And you can burn in hell.

There you are . . .

<< crack! >>


You invade our land.

Attack our way of life.

You murder wives and children.

You turn our towns to rubble.

But I will make you pay.

Yes, I will take you down.

And you can burn in hell.