Download “A Father's Fight Song.mp3


Give a mighty roar!

Let the game begin!

We’re the Fighting Dragons, and we’ll

Fight through thick and thin!

(Fight! Fight! Fight!)

Take the ball and score!

Hold the line and win!

Lead the Fighting Dragons on to



Don’t get hurt, okay?

Just have fun out there.

Get some exercise.

And I hope you learn teamwork

And humility,

Perseverance and pride.

Just be safe out there.

Don’t get hurt, okay?

I love you...

(Oh, I really loathed this challenge . . .)

Fight songs are vapid.  They really are.  Most of them are under thirty seconds for a reason.  We had to write one that was a minute long.  All the while knowing that up to 22 other songwriters would be submitting up to 22 more fight songs for this round . . .


Originally, this song was to be sung by the third-grade boys in my class, accompanied by a marching band (or, at least, a marching band faithfully simulated with Finale 2008).  But Friday we had a snow day -- so no kids.  And then I also wasn’t happy with the “section” sounds in Finale 2008 -- I couldn’t get my marching band to sound realistic.

But it turns out I actually like having grown-ups sing this song instead -- relegating the kids to the football field where I imagine them.  (Thanks to my girlfriend, Brandi Burns, for helping to fill out the semblance of a crowd you hear in this song.)  It’s certainly not my most ambitious SpinTunes song ever, but I do like the spin I managed to put on the challenge.  As we learn more and more about the brain injuries suffered by football players -- especially the cumulative nature of those injuries -- the longings voiced in the descant become food for thought, more than mere idle wishes . . .

One last note.  The reason I settled on the name “Fighting Dragons” for this team is because early on I made a mental connection to the five- and six-year-olds in the Dragon Army of Orson Scott Card’s wonderful novel, Ender’s Game.  But in an interesting twist?  Fifteen years ago, I actually wrote a real fight song for a school whose team was the Dragons!  So since I was busy working on a fight song for this challenge anyway, I dusted off the old cassette tape(!) of that former fight song, transferred the recording to my computer -- and now I make it available to you!