Yep -- another “truzzle” hunt.  Just like in 2021, this portmanteau of the words “treasure” and “puzzle” reflects the fact that this hunt will borrow and combine features from both the other two types of hunts which have appeared on this site in years past.

In Edric’s world (or at least, on his website), “treasure hunts” are short hunts which proceed in a linear fashion from the initial puzzle through the final puzzle.  All of the puzzles get uploaded to the happinessboard website right at the outset . . . but how long it takes solvers to find all of the puzzles is up to them.

A “puzzle hunt,” on the other hand, is a much more ambitious affair.  Large numbers of puzzles get released across multiple days in discrete “chunks,” so the hunt can be approached in a more “scattershot” fashion.

As a result, a “truzzle” hunt (as imagined and authored by Edric, at least) combines aspects of both of these ideas.  Just like last year, this “truzzle” hunt features close to 30 puzzles and can be completed in exponentially-many distinct ways.  Similarly, every puzzle in this “truzzle” hunt -- even the final meta! -- was uploaded right away at the beginning of this hunt . . . and from that moment on it was a “no-holds-barred” race to find it and solve it!

Note -- if you ever come across a grey circle adjacent to a puzzle as you go along, you can click it to access either a pre-formatted Google Sheet, a text file, or a colorblind-version for that puzzle!

There were three hints given for each puzzle, and the link to the hints is right in the center of every page, surrounded by the four puzzles.

And now -- with all that having been said . . .

The 2022 Truzzle Hunt!

(If you want to see the participants and teams who finished while the hunt was still live, that historical artifact can be viewed here.)