1. Beginnings

  2. Possibilities

  3. Seeing friends again

  4. CD's

  5. The third Happiness Board!

  6. Lofts that are very sturdy

  7. A really cool roommate

  8. Being back with all my friends!!!!

  9. Plaid pants which remind me of Matt

  10. Fans

  11. Working again after an unemployed summer

  12. Making plans to marry the love of my life

  13. The Spartan Marching Band!

  14. Meeting new friends

  15. Brand new socks

  16. Low humidity

  17. Stuff, not things

  18. Clam Chowder

  19. Getting promoted to TA for Calc 2!!!!

  20. Hole

  21. Plan B -- hence Jermy Wray and Rodney M.

  22. Jello every day

  23. Zog archer

  24. Gaelic

  25. Kool-aid

  26. Tangerines

  27. Orange Juice

  28. A really cold refrigerator

  29. Flyer-plastering all of campus in only 2 hours, all by myself

  30. Burning pogs and fallen empires

  31. Trucks with happy electrical systems!

  32. Quiet

  33. Jay's shirts

  34. Me

  35. MSU

  36. The new girls

  37. Mugu-mugu?

  38. My own room (Ha ha ha)

  39. Brian

  40. Nise's curls!

  41. The butterfly at the Children's Gardens

  42. Popcorn and Mt. Dew (Yum!)

  43. Computers

  44. The RA-initiated eradication of pizza flyer purveyors!

  45. "Religious services" in the name of the god Somnus (and/or Morpheus).

  46. After all, we are only brainstems

  47. "We are all geniuses in hindsight."

  48. Scaring the freshmen

  49. Scarring the freshmen

  50. Mein lieb und mich zussamen

  51. Mein Susshart und ich

  52. Waruber deine Susshart?  Ich kann nicht sie sehen.  Was ist los?  Bitte schreib auf Deutsch mehr.  Ich habe funf Jahren gehabt.  Ehrlich!  Ich werde spater schreiben.

  53. A good time with a good friends

  54. Realizations of future ease in the scheduled tense

  55. Easy classes

  56. Women

  57. No class

  58. "But, Paul, Belgarath was there when Torak cracked the world!"

  59. The second annual "Win a Date With Paul Contest"

  60. No Monday classes

  61. Being done at 10 am on Friday!

  62. Subway employees not being able to cut the bread any way other than how they were trained

  63. Rice Krispie Treats

  64. Free movies and stuff

  65. Sleeping in late

  66. New t-shirts

  67. Bonk!

  68. Ze Sveedish Chef (Bork, bork, bork!)

  69. Sleep

  70. Pizza

  71. Poster sales "cool"

  72. Shiny happy people

  73. Naps

  74. Movie nights

  75. Open door night (Meeting boys)

  76. Just . . . meeting boys

  77. Jason Chouoweth

  78. REM

  79. Winning

  80. My yellow wrist band -- REM

  81. Jenny

  82. The key to Wyoming

  83. Cork

  84. Asymptotic bitchiness

  85. John Holmes -- the philosophy prof.

  86. The Lesbian Boy (Hot)

  87. Being told you are manipulative

  88. Knowing that there is someone who knows different and loves you

  89. Harvest moons, stars, autumn chill and good friends

  90. Men

  91. One of my students learned something from me!!!  ("I assume that the definition of parallel lines only refers to continuous lines.  The discrete lines do intersect, which is also a thing that parallel lines cannot do, they don't have any points in common, but it is only because they are discrete.")

  92. Spring Break in Candyland

  93. The Abbot Lobby Copier Machine -- NOT!!!

  94. Heather teaching us ballroom dancing!

  95. Christmas cards

  96. The Happiness Board

  97. Sex

  98. Stuff

  99. Life in general

  100. People who don't backstab

  101. The fairy wand

  102. "There's only room on this floor for one fairy" -- Henry

  103. Sock fights

  104. Trowels and ghosts

  105. Not having to walk around with one of those things between my legs

  106. Hitting people with the fairy wand (*ling!*)

  107. Jerry Garcia

  108. Kisses from my sweetheart

  109. Discovering cute guys on the brother floor

  110. Winning the 2nd annual "Win a Date With Paul Contest"

  111. Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes in drag

  112. Relieving sexual tension

  113. Becky

  114. Clean carpet

  115. Utilizing wasted space

  116. Making love in a hot tub!

  117. Quilted toilet paper

  118. People who don't use the possessive "you're" incorrectly

  119. People who don't use the Happiness Board for personal messages

  120. My Jenn!

  121. Rubber cement!

  122. Leaving SATR meetings early

  123. Undesignated singles

  124. 2 Un-Friday classes

  125. The cafeteria finally serving a decent dinner

  126. My rainbow slinky

  127. Too much flannel

  128. Being read to -- especially fairy tales

  129. Football

  130. TDF

  131. Giant pickles

  132. BYOB

  133. Being a woman  (Mike adds:  "I don't know how happy that'd make me, but it would keep me occupied a couple hours!)

  134. Peanut butter on toasted English muffins

  135. Sporks

  136. Catching 15 min. of Days of Our Lives

  137. A ball point pen that never runs out of ink

  138. Drizzle

  139. Bright green umbrellas

  140. Scrunchies

  141. Dial soap, Pert Plus shampoo, and Crest toothpaste

  142. My SOC prof whose entire wardrobe consists of three bland dresses

  143. Red licorice whips

  144. Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn (may he rest in peace)

  145. A good editorial by Ken Van Steenkiste being shorter than usual

  146. Being taller than usual

  147. Being in love with the perfect woman

  148. Eating Subway at 11:03 p.m.

  149. Skipping physiology to go shopping

  150. Enormously fattening cookies

  151. A kiss

  152. Big ass books with juicy plots

  153. Finishing a crossword puzzle all by myself

  154. Happiness is Patti LuPone in Sunset Boulevard

  155. Edric-hugs

  156. Breathing

  157. NyQuil

  158. "Snakes, nipples, and beer!"-- Karl Nelson

  159. Flannel shirts from Seattle (like oranges from Florida)

  160. John Oleksy

  161. Monopolizing the message board

  162. Amy Ray as Jesus

  163. Unicorns with hooves like silver bells

  164. Mist on the Red Cedar River at dawn

  165. Leather pants

  166. The women you love spending the day with you!

  167. 'Nise's overalls

  168. Learning how to skate backwards (and doing well!)

  169. The 'Chariots of Fire' theme song

  170. Singing to John's guitar

  171. Quantum Leap

  172. Rugby

  173. Being a hooker

  174. Getting your hepatitis B vaccination

  175. Being in love on ice

  176. Plastic chickens and super-glued eggs

  177. Black lotus

  178. Michael Bolton and David Hasselhoff on T.V. together!

  179. Heidi

  180. "Be still my loins"

  181. Alternative chicks

  182. Stud boy on skates

  183. Tinkertoy salamanders (NOT!)

  184. Seeing Delphinus on a chilly night

  185. Seeing Orion before dawn

  186. Warm fuzzy clothing after being borderline hypothermic for 2 hours

  187. Running sprints

  188. Knowing you got to worship twice in one Sunday

  189. Having multiple families

  190. Looking (not!) like your siblings

  191. Tackling your friends

  192. Being tackled by 'Nise

  193. Croissants at breakfast

  194. Robin's cool handwriting

  195. Complementary hugs

  196. Coffee and good conversation with (too [sic] long lost) friends

  197. Steak!

  198. E-mail from Zog!

  199. E-mail from God!  (or just the pope)

  200. Top 10 lists and long phone calls

  201. Incredibly good days where you get virtually nothing done

  202. Nifty revelations about people you really don't like who really don't like you either but then you realize they get hurt sometimes too and then everything is all OK

  203. My new glow in the dark Frisbee!

  204. Getting a really good grade in a class I really care about

  205. Running out of room on the Happiness Board

  206. Playing soccer at midnight in "The Arb" with only your boxers on!

  207. Understanding that life isn't always happy -- but that's what makes it interesting

  208. Finally allowing yourself to get really angry at people, and realizing it's OK

  209. Genie

  210. Jazz

  211. Erin

  212. Finding something that you thought you'd lost

  213. Boys who puke when told to

  214. Seeing their bean again!

  215. Kelly and Sarah

  216. Bean, after waiting 3 1/2 hours

  217. Sidewalk chalking at midnight

  218. Being the only sober people on said sidewalks whilst chalking at midnight

  219. Seeing my love in 7 days . . . 6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . .

  220. Overalls

  221. My mommy sending me a package with my new jammies and "treats"

  222. Seeing my friend Leeman after months!

  223. Group naps with Karl, Paul, and Becky baby

  224. Karl's tongue ring . . . erm . . . stud . . .

  225. Parents

  226. Bowling with parents (and them sliding down the lanes too)

  227. Calling my best friend in California after not talking with her in over a month

  228. More e-mail from Zog

  229. Chuck's sound effects

  230. Undestroyed H-Boards

  231. Finishing a reading assignment list for BCH 401

  232. Hearing the Chem building siren go off

  233. Twitchell's' hours

  234. Care packages

  235. Food

  236. 1st hour going better than 6th!

  237. Getting a free Ani poster at Wherehouse

  238. Watching my friends SMILE!

  239. Fire!  Fire!  Fire!

  240. Ani!!!!

  241. Fiery, beautiful blue eyes

  242. Gameday skies and the Simpsons' opening credits

  243. Running into people I haven't seen in forever and having a really long conversation

  244. Noses, elbows, etc. correctly identified -- and remembering how (and how to make someone laugh and hug you very well)

  245. "Never sit next to Heather (W.)"

  246. The new Indigo Girls Live CD!!!

  247. Things to do on Friday nights

  248. Remembering all of my wonderful friends back at Michigan State University, including, but not limited to (don't KILL me if I don't list you -- just MAIM me and leave me for dead...):  Denise Bickel, Kim Caldwell, Courtney Chapin, Curtis Clark, Mo Devaney, Brian Dauernheim, Zach DeYoung, Jason Dimkoff, Robert Dix, Cindy Emch, Loralee Fleming, Andy Geweke, Stephanie Gillain, Paul Harris, Scott Harrison, Becky Henry, Chris Hoving, Lynn Jacoby, Genie Johnson, Mike Joseph, Jay Judkowitz, Katie Ketchum, Tom Kochinski, Gina Kring, Jeff Laus, Becky "Never Trust Becky" Lorig, Karen Musicant, Heather Miller, Robin Sinkey, Edric Spivey, John Supanich, Anne Wissman, and Alan Wrobel.  Oh yeah, and that 'T' chick, too.  -- Emailed with love by Matthew Cruikshank: I miss you all.

  249. Courtney's paper pirate hats

  250. Courtney in general

  251. Spinning protractors

  252. Orenthal

  253. Warm sunlight and a not-too-cool breeze coming in through my window as I lie half-asleep on my bed in the late afternoon

  254. Messages from Matt

  255. "Big Brian" Hunter

  256. Costumes

  257. Kismet

  258. Bihac

  259. Dressed-up neighbors

  260. Junior Mints

  261. Pens

  262. Really cool songs that people write for you and you can still play not too badly a year or two after the last time you played it

  263. People who write really cool songs for you (thanks yet again, Edric)

  264. Run-on sentences

  265. Being able to whistle "Hot Cross Buns"

  266. Appropriate and thoughtful (and unexpected) gifts . . . like a pen . . . like the one which Anne gave us . . . and the poem . . . which is tremendously cool . . . and stuff

  267. "I am inclined to believe that I exist"

  268. My first black dress ever coming in the mail

  269. Discovering that someone you've known for a long time is fascinating and wonderful

  270. Sandman and Death

  271. Having your marbles

  272. MK3

  273. The Denny's in Plainfield Township

  274. "W.T.D."

  275. New people to hug

  276. Dust bunnies

  277. Finding what was lost

  278. Hearing really cool songs from the past, that you can finally relate to.  "Wicked Games" -- Chris Isaak

  279. Near naked men in boxers

  280. The Big Chill

  281. Raspberry Newtons

  282. Hair

  283. Candy from Becky

  284. 2 cappuccinos and a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans

  285. Giving a two-hour-long massage

  286. Giving massages in general (yes, long ones are best)

  287. Bubble baths!!!

  288. Everything that is hockey

  289. A good sneeze

  290. A massage

  291. Kicking a frat's ass in floor hockey

  292. Finding sides to people you didn't know existed (but hoped)

  293. Yellow Zingers (i.e. -- REAL Zingers)

  294. Suisse chocolate truffle cocoa

  295. Friends who help you when you're in trouble

  296. New contacts

  297. Two Reeses for the price of one

  298. God

  299. Letters from dear friends who understand and trust you

  300. Not Jenny -- she makes me sad -- she is a good girl

  301. Leaf Wars II

  302. Somersaults in the leaves

  303. Getting 4.0s

  304. Tight vinyl dresses and thigh-his

  305. Getting out of class early

  306. Watching ER

  307. Reading about kids

  308. Potato chips and other fattening yummies

  309. Stress = motivation

  310. Energy

  311. A dynamic universe

  312. Exploring

  313. Discovering

  314. Learning

  315. Absorbing

  316. Understanding

  317. Teaching

  318. Listening to Bolero

  319. Oh!  The light just went on!

  320. Snickers wrappers

  321. Nylon Nipples

  322. Getting Loralee's goat!!

  323. My vinyl vixen

  324. A weird-o

  325. Friday Morning 2

  326. The New Jenny

  327. My sweetheart

  328. Goodies from my sweetpea

  329. Left-handed smoke shifters

  330. Right-handed bacon stretchers

  331. Brad's hideous laughter

  332. 20 days till Andy gets here

  333. Depositing!

  334. Key Lime Pie

  335. French Gazelles

  336. Pop Tarts

  337. Rainbow Boy and his colorful skulls

  338. Spaghetti

  339. Breathing pocket watches

  340. Captain Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard watching over you

  341. Tina Turner behind Albert Einstein

  342. Nieces visiting

  343. 'Nises visiting

  344. Anonymous surprise gifts

  345. Comic books

  346. Anonymous surprise gifts from Ryan

  347. 28-25

  348. Billy Joel

  349. Being disgustingly cute with my boyfriend

  350. Walking in synch

  351. Zrbts

  352. Fuzzy tummies

  353. Eskimo kisses

  354. Quiet, soft, meaningful glances from bottomless pools of darkness

  355. Finding ticklish places on a Becky

  356. Revenge of Potted Meat Food Product -- it's "SMEAT!"

  357. Raspberries

  358. Getting to the top of the stairs

  359. Getting mail!

  360. Really warm, cuddly, and cozy evenings with lots of pillows, comforters, and someone you love!

  361. Radar

  362. Rushing the field

  363. Really getting to understand those close to you

  364. Homemade applesauce with lots of cinnamon

  365. Fixing a problem (one way or another)

  366. Frazzled Happy Stoner Boy

  367. Tortellini pizza

  368. Pizza with tomatoes on top

  369. Dragnet on Lois and Clark

  370. Fixing whirly bugs

  371. Weekends with your nephews!

  372. A good friend waking you early in the morning who has a new haircut and a hot cup of hazelnut coffee . . .

  373. Pilot doesn't exist!  Neither does Socrates!

  374. Good hair and contact days

  375. Visa, JH2, Capt. Stella, B, Stella Jr., Lemmilee, Goash, and J.D.

  376. And, of course, Kerry M.

  377. Listening to piano music being played just for me

  378. A backrub (etc.) that makes you feel like you're floating

  379. Caffeine

  380. Surprise attack hugs

  381. Hugs from Tom

  382. 7.7 oz. can of Iced Tea

  383. A really long walk by yourself in the pouring rain

  384. The rain . . . in Spain

  385. Marilyn

  386. Manson

  387. Friends

  388. The snow

  389. Not giving a fuck

  390. Rumors

  391. Receiving a dozen white roses from your love

  392. Shaking, not stirring

  393. Tim and Tom's James Bond 007 75th birthday jubilee movie marathon weekend extravaganza

  394. The above being over

  395. The above being under

  396. Being loved in return

  397. Herr Hermi and the impossible exhumation

  398. Reject furniture

  399. Old books

  400. E-mail from a guy I've never met

  401. Writing letters on graph paper

  402. Discovering a warm, sunny spot in my room and sitting in it

  403. The office of withdrawals

  404. Learning how to ice skate

  405. Coaxing your friend into going to Vermont and Europe!

  406. Iowa

  407. Resolutions

  408. Blackmail

  409. New roommates and old roommates

  410. New jobs

  411. Land wars in Asia

  412. Sleep

  413. An' then what happened?

  414. "Good, but . . . dang." -- Jennifer Ketner

  415. Beautiful sunsets

  416. Friends from home coming to visit

  417. Figuring out that, "Yes, you can smile!!"

  418. Your friend distinguishing that a Q is actually not a H . . . (Sheds a whole new light!)

  419. Eh -- shmuck, shmuck!

  420. Colors

  421. Anne

  422. Long Weekends

  423. Red ribbons

  424. Sleeping in late, and then sleeping in later

  425. Dancing at Beaumont Tower

  426. Sunshine

  427. Being comfortably warm

  428. Pecan pie

  429. Christmas lights

  430. Christmas decorations

  431. Nothing at all

  432. Gathering one's courage (even if it is quite Dutch)

  433. Getting paid for no good reason

  434. Remembering the past, living in the future

  435. My last home game in the Spartan Marching Band

  436. Someone who loves you voluntarily getting bumped off his flight so he can spend one more day with you -- and then getting 2 round trip vouchers for his sacrifice

  437. Getting to spend the best week of your life with the man who made the week perfect

  438. Dust free

  439. Being part of something bigger

  440. Getting a chance to hear the Spartan Marching Band

  441. Shadows

  442. The hug I got when Andy got off his plane in the process of getting "bumped" from his over-booked flight

  443. Friends returning

  444. Having a friend pulled over for driving a Zamboni down the street

  445. Turning in a term paper

  446. Spending time with family and purple X-mas trees

  447. Going to bed four hours earlier than usual

  448. Putting a stamp on my wishes

  449. Unexpected phone calls

  450. The Chipmunks singing "Take A Chance On Me"

  451. 100% scores on tests

  452. When the chocolate milk dispenser flows quickly

  453. Being voluntarily bumped off my flight and thus being able to go to see my best friend for spring break

  454. Getting cool phone calls in a hotel room in Cleveland

  455. Seeing my family and friends

  456. Twice!!  (Click)

  457. Goldfinger!  Wa Wa Waaaaa!

  458. Wutzits

  459. Writing a long letter to one of the world's truly wonderful friends

  460. Monopoly

  461. A smile

  462. Two or three smiles

  463. "There is no life on this planet -- Jehova 1 replaced all life with machines five centuries ago.  The industrial revolution was just another hoax and we all fell for it."  -- When screamed from the top of one's mind.

  464. Reading new things on the Happiness Board

  465. When Golbez turned out to be a good guy

  466. The thought of actually touching and holding Artemis Entreri's jeweled-magical dagger

  467. Just being me!

  468. Savage fury

  469. Andy

  470. Andy's cool shirt

  471. Dinner with 30 South Africans even though the food makes you really sick

  472. Little kids who have a lot more fun playing with your toys than you ever do (so you let them keep them)

  473. Raking leaves

  474. Reading a lot

  475. Getting invited to do research in your ZOL 365 prof's lab

  476. Nise-level hugs

  477. Stu and Myrtle's tryst

  478. Wells' mistletoe

  479. A relaxing, peaceful dinner at the Tuba Museum with three really wonderful friends

  480. Funny, happy drunk people

  481. Hugs from the right height

  482. Not being able to fall asleep next to my beloved

  483. "So, how was your weekend, Mr. Spiv... -- oh, wait -- it wasn't a weekend, I just didn't go to school.  Never mind!" -- Jill Gomoll

  484. Beavis & Butthead

  485. "OK, I'll put you on my pending list."

  486. Christmas carols

  487. Cold pizza for breakfast

  488. Money in the bank

  489. New information

  490. Knowing I really don't have to worry about any of it

  491. Strangling someone with your own intestines

  492. Pushing people down the hallway on a chair (especially when it's someone else's chair)

  493. This Happiness Board

  494. Having too many happy thoughts to fit on the Happiness Board

  495. Smoking a Newport while taking a night-walk in the snow

  496. Bach!  (Brandenburg Concerto #3, 2nd movement)

  497. Magically heated armor burning a drow

  498. Huge tracts of land

  499. Turkey franks

  500. Druids!!

  501. Fakemail

  502. Duran Duran

  503. Knowing that everyone is aware, but she thinks we're all in the dark . . . (HAH!!!)

  504. Bihac again!

  505. The Electric Amish

  506. Coke

  507. Quantum Fy-sucks problem sets done in an hour

  508. Two weeks to go until I see my fiancé; who is 850 miles away and who I haven't seen since August 20th

  509. Shaking, and stirring

  510. Psycho-Punk-Spaz-Boys

  511. Being a visity-head

  512. Ding!! -- ETHER!!!

  513. Dinner at Quizno's that includes a nice long talk with a close friend

  514. The peace that comes from friends that are good enough you don't have to be having an exciting, fun time always

  515. Once Were Warriors

  516. The peace that comes from friends that are good enough to have that are always having a fun, exciting time no matter what . . . even if it's just watching the grass grow!!!

  517. Cocoa with whipped cream and peppermint sticks

  518. Being comfortable enough to tell someone their breath stinks -- and them not pulling away!  (For you, Kim!)

  519. Friends like Vikki

  520. Beating your best friend in air-hockey . . .

  521. Edric's J's

  522. I won't write her name this time, 'cause I don't want to jinx it, but she is the one

  523. Being cleanly shaven and smelling good

  524. Physics!

  525. 60 cents

  526. Sunkist stickers you got in the morning from oranges 'cause your banana didn't have one that aren't on a forehead but are on the back of your hand in a lab that's really short

  527. The end of CBI

  528. Cutting a boy's hair and making him look "purty!"

  529. Massage-o-thon

  530. A clean desk

  531. Not writing a paper

  532. No more Chem 181H

  533. No more Cognitive Psychology!

  534. Cool mixes from opera profs

  535. Being able to whistle "Angels We Have Heard On High" with only minor modifications

  536. People from Minnesota

  537. Sunshine for the nth day in a row!  (Knock on wood)

  538. I'm not crazy!

  539. "My parrot only likes treats that he can throw . . . like lasagna."

  540. 1 down, 3 to go

  541. Special screenings of The Empire Strikes Back at Target

  542. No more papers 'til next year

  543. Knowing things really are okay between you and someone you really love

  544. "Long walks, long talks after dark"

  545. Light poles, black skies, and falling snow

  546. Reminders

  547. Dragons

  548. People who consider buying dragon puppets (not those who actually did buy the dragon puppets.  * Pout! *)

  549. CEM 141

  550. Reading aloud

  551. Thinking about people

  552. Being thought about

  553. Being read aloud to

  554. A warm lap to sit in after coming in from a cold (brr!) outside

  555. Getting Hank to say, "I don't know."

  556. Pink Post-It Notes

  557. Red pens (again!)

  558. Being here

  559. Cute "items" -- with a massive disparity of altitude

  560. 7 pages done

  561. Playing "You Don't Know Jack"

  562. Having Matt back for a week

  563. "Shell" . . . . "Bell" . . . . (ding!)

  564. Squeaky snow

  565. Matt in general

  566. Matt being gone

  567. Cookies

  568. Surprises

  569. Bear hugs

  570. Old friends

  571. Finding your name on the Happiness Board

  572. "Oh . . . oh . . . PEROXIDES!  Yeah!"

  573. You!!!

  574. ISS 210

  575. Annoying your TA by forgetting your ID when you go to take the final

  576. A night

  577. Antelopes

  578. Towel Boy II

  579. Always knowing where the ball is (soccer, that is)

  580. Roses, and kisses

  581. Doing really well on 2 important finals (or so I think)

  582. 4.0  (Wahoo!)

  583. MTH 132

  584. Belly-buttons

  585. Failing easy exams

  586. Moochas Smoochas!

  587. Rott: Drunkmissiles

  588. Prissy-Snotty Int. magical swords

  589. Matt's hair

  590. Finding out that I kicked some MONSTROUS ASS on my Chem final!  (Boo-yah!)

  591. Captain Freeloader!

  592. All done (Yahoo!)  (And w/ 4.0's!)

  593. Cheesehole Easy-Arse Exams

  594. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  595. Biting wit

  596. Waking up at 6:15 and hearing on the radio that East Lansing schools are closed for the day

  597. Going back to bed!

  598. The giving of love

  599. The making of love

  600. "Damn I love it when she does that shit with her hair."

  601. Goldeneye -- 4 times and counting

  602. Egypt a go-go

  603. Peace on Earth

  604. Goodwill towards all

  605. Judy Collins

  606. Chesu

  607. Edric playing silly tricks on me while we're . . . trying . . . to do rounds.  (If I could just quit giggling!)

  608. "Did you know that picking your nose can kill you?"

  609. Uncontrollable, raisin-bread-filled laughter

  610. The first kiss

  611. Keeping promises

  612. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

  613. Outer Limits

  614. Vermont!

  615. Unlocking a car door in 20 seconds with a coat hanger

  616. Cooking for 9

  617. Being back for less than 20 minutes and getting a flying-attack hug

  618. Pushing a van up an icy hill then trying to jump in it as it drives away

  619. Outer Limits (it's good enough to be up twice)

  620. Janeway's new hairdo

  621. "Want another Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookie..."

  622. 37,000 in "You Don't Know Jack"

  623. Pantene

  624. 611 Happy Thoughts first semester

  625. Going home and relaxing with old friends by being mind-numbingly crude

  626. BEEEEEEP!

  627. Seeing a sunrise for the first time in many moons

  628. "Groundhog to Grey Squirrel, Groundhog to Grey Squirrel!"

  629. Listening to Jonatha Brooke hit all the blue notes in the space of the line "We were meant to be together."

  630. "Hey -- I'm getting $75 for today -- I'll split it with ya.  Let's make a deal . . ."

  631. (static)

  632. Curt's drinky-bird impression

  633. Laughrodisiacs

  634. "It's like a Zamboni for a ski hill . . . but it doesn't put down hot water."

  635. The Dave dance

  636. 5 people in a truck cab

  637. "I have a 3.1 -- that's not lower than a 3.2"

  638. Having a vehicle

  639. Finding someone with whom you have a lot in common

  640. Happy memories of my beautiful Dakota

  641. There is no fucking happiness!  Except, of course, writing on this board.  You guys are weird.

  642. I disagree to the point above.  Happiness is found in little things . . . like sitting on a beach alone at night with only your thoughts and the sound of water gently lapping, crickets humming, and nature alive in the rising morning sun.  --Questa

  643. Creamed corn

  644. Actually having the time of your life at a danceclub

  645. Relaxing and letting other people have control

  646. Continuity

  647. My acting class!

  648. Sing ho!  For the life of a bear!

  649. Designs of a floral kind

  650. Orange

  651. Mid-January warm weather

  652. Rains that smell like the summer

  653. Running through that rain and jumping in its puddles

  654. Long late-night talks with the truly wonderful ones

  655. Hugs from them

  656. Cool friends

  657. No snow

  658. Right after a large snowfall when everything is covered in it and is pure and crystal-like

  659. Potential

  660. Finishing The Eyes of the Dragon

  661. StartingThe Eyes of the Dragon

  662. Peaking

  663. Confetti

  664. Grapes and strawberries

  665. The Rutter Requiem

  666. New drivers

  667. Boys for Pete!

  668. The power of apathy (and even in ways you might not think)

  669. The corruption of governments?

  670. Fields of snow-shavings

  671. "X is for Xylophone.  Because X is ALWAYS for

  672. Xylophone . . ."

  673. Pennies

  674. Playing with your family (and laughing and crying and praying with them), knowing they really are your family and always will be (praise God!)

  675. Being tickled until you are totally breathless with laughter after having been really depressed for several weeks

  676. Accidentally running into that beautiful girl in one of your classes -- and having her talk to you for a long time

  677. Having a hug tucked away somewhere

  678. Summer frisbee in January

  679. "Well, I like the really big candy hearts, too!" -- Jeff

  680. Dan Lopez

  681. "What do guys want for Valentine's Day?" (Becky)  "Girls." (Edric)

  682. "Guys." (Don)

  683. "...at least some guys!"

  684. "Tom would make a good pregnant woman."

  685. New doors

  686. Having people worried about your door

  687. My birthday!

  688. Strip-solitaire

  689. When the toilet paper unravels real easily

  690. New neighbors

  691. No Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!

  692. Sensitive men (Yes.  I know this is an oxymoron.)

  693. That's OK, you can have fantasies on the Happiness Board...

  694. Friends that keep coming back and being friends again and again (you can't knock 'em out)

  695. My wonderful friends!!

  696. Dan Lopez again

  697. I'm happy to see Robert!  (His mom)

  698. Rainbow-colored EXPOs

  699. Being "too sexy"

  700. Care package!  (Mom makes good cookies)

  701. Spitting mouthfuls of water at good friends

  702. Spectrum analysis

  703. "You're too late!  Your diction is good, but you're too late!"

  704. Free weekends (2-9 to 2-11)

  705. The reactions on my friends' faces when they receive gifts from me!

  706. E-mail lists

  707. Boys in my room

  708. Being the boy in the room

  709. Finishing chemistry

  710. M'lady

  711. Fostering anticipation

  712. Fairy tales

  713. Lots of wind on days that are warmer than usual

  714. Things you're not quite sure you really want to mention -- even to yourself, but that seem to be pretty much undeniable

  715. Ban, Ban, Bean, Doki, Doki . . .

  716. Understanding

  717. Many quiet nights in a row (even with little sleep)

  718. Leonard

  719. Terri

  720. Cuteness

  721. Selling Girl Scout cookies

  722. Being done with lesson plans early

  723. Arranging music

  724. Those feisty New Jersey veterinarians

  725. Finishing group projects and graduate project proposals, then picking up a Crunchy's burger and a 25 oz. beer

  726. New CDs!

  727. Taking care of Edric

  728. Suspenders

  729. Driving someone crazy

  730. Interviews!

  731. Spring Break in Florida!

  732. I agree!

  733. Being deliriously happy, and nobody realizing it

  734. Winterfresh kisses

  735. My truck is done and I get it back soon!!!!

  736. "Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?"

  737. Colorado

  738. Railroads

  739. Tricycles ('n' cockroaches)

  740. Squish!

  741. NOMP

  742. Nomp is back!

  743. Tulips

  744. Macaroni duck

  745. Chicken a la king

  746. New homepages!

  747. New tattoos

  748. Getting new shoes

  749. Getting a check for $1059.82 to buy new shoes

  750. This coming weekend . . .

  751. Alice in Wonderland

  752. Da Chronic

  753. Colorado

  754. Skiing, and a FREE condo in Colorado!

  755. Dre day

  756. Mom

  757. Not leaving your keys in the door (hint, hint)

  758. Getting the world and a heart

  759. Cardioid boy!

  760. Frank & Louis

  761. Making him say "Wow"

  762. Cajun Chicken Fettuccini

  763. Sunshine and a warm lap to lay on

  764. Finishing Honors Chem II homework

  765. Collaborating in the hallway

  766. Getting my beautiful truck back

  767. Coffee with good friends

  768. Florida!

  769. Spatula City rocks

  770. Peaceful evenings

  771. Beauty, no matter where it lies

  772. Ted

  773. Raves

  774. Credit cards with my picture on them

  775. Microbiology labs lasting 15 min.

  776. Getting disco ball earrings from Stephanie

  777. Jennies! (Especially mine)

  778. Phones that work

  779. Having a cute, fuzzy bunny to play with

  780. Getting something right in fencing class finally!

  781. Having a cute, fuzzy Edric to play with

  782. Chinese fried rice -- it's alive!

  783. Opera is for lovers

  784. Edric's wonderful smile!

  785. The Listening Ear

  786. Nice legs on men

  787. Plane reservations

  788. Yawns

  789. Stretches

  790. Doing nothing with the one you love

  791. Passionate kisses

  792. Enveloping hugs

  793. Talking to Loralee

  794. (I'll second that!)

  795. I 8 the sandbox

  796. New speakers!

  797. Cute blondes

  798. Cute brunettes with a bun and glasses too!

  799. Sharing opera with a friend

  800. Black thigh-highs

  801. Seeing two cool people hanging out

  802. Memories of running in the summer as a child

  803. Flowers in bloom

  804. Being incredibly warm and comfortable, and not wanting to leave

  805. A hole in my tongue

  806. Dancing

  807. "I can see the punctuation . . ."

  808. Jenny Merrill

  809. 3 1/2 hours of sleep

  810. Getting your butt kicked

  811. Lentil!

  812. 1-800-TACOBELL

  813. Birthdays (even if you don't get a sign)

  814. Being older than God

  815. Being too old to die

  816. Being too young to care!

  817. Crunchy Frog

  818. Relevé; and . . . hug!

  819. Being older than dirt

  820. Climbing big pine trees as high as the 3rd floor windows!

  821. Getting really groovy birthday signs

  822. Turning in a damned good paper (and knowing it)

  823. Oxytocin

  824. Hello?  Spring Break!

  825. References on the Board

  826. Knowing what oxytocin is

  827. Coffee

  828. Spring Break

  829. Florida

  830. "If you're not Anne's mom, shut the hell up!"

  831. Ben

  832. Raves

  833. Actually acquiring a car for Colorado

  834. Hot raver boyz!!!

  835. Frozen grapes

  836. Having people compliment your dancing

  837. Feeling his "Karma!"

  838. Orca

  839. "Everything would be perfect, if you'd just shut up!"

  840. Being stopped at customs for having an eyebrow ring

  841. Being from America

  842. Rolling!

  843. Sparrow Hospital -- go fig...

  844. Doing homework during Spring Break . . . NOT!!

  845. Hugs

  846. Being a passenger in a car with a good driver

  847. Driving your own car!

  848. Heated swimming pools

  849. Goggles

  850. Lamaze for sneezes

  851. Claratin

  852. Tapioca pudding

  853. Hi Craig!

  854. Meeting a straight guy at a gay club

  855. Neosporin Plus

  856. Seeing your name on the Happiness Board

  857. Living, breathing people who are here

  858. "As the Cock Crows" world's first chicken love story

  859. Dr. Spock

  860. Finally getting Netscape to work . . . after ninfinity weeks!!

  861. Relatives visiting

  862. The NY Jets getting a real QB

  863. Madison

  864. Seeing Susan Mermelstein

  865. Soccer

  866. California under 2 months

  867. Clean Happiness Boards (so much to write!)

  868. Lentil's goofy ways!!!

  869. Plastikman CD's

  870. Having Phun!!!

  871. The Cheery Yummy Cafe

  872. Lieblings

  873. Someone who knows my teddy bear as well as I do

  874. Yucca Bowl

  875. The Ideal Mall

  876. Hard 'n' Floppy Electronics Store

  877. Coming home to warm arms and lips

  878. Amer's in A2

  879. Receiving the gift of rainbows

  880. Hunting for rainbows

  881. Anne being back from vacation

  882. Finding out cool stuff in your classes

  883. Juliene

  884. Doing your first handstand

  885. The lovely weather

  886. Poop

  887. Washable gutter glue for your face

  888. Making friends with new people who work at coffee shops

  889. Dry heaves

  890. Toolkit, you have toolkit?

  891. Shopping for brothers

  892. "Oh good!"

  893. Talking about tough questions

  894. Love amidst rainbows

  895. Being employed

  896. New CD's again!

  897. New coats

  898. An abundance of possibilities

  899. My best friend

  900. Finished lists

  901. Mercury falling

  902. Freedom!

  903. Tying Eric's shoes too tightly

  904. No circulation in your toes

  905. I look for me, and I look for you

  906. "Merry Christmas to all, now you're all gonna die!"

  907. Space Hog

  908. Onions and the gastrointestinal tract

  909. "'I'm having a great day.'  'How come?'  'CAFFEINE!!!'"

  910. "I'm doing bad in all my classes.  . . .  Except Calculus."

  911. Getting flowers on Thursday nights

  912. "You do it forever and you end up with 8"

  913. Adding perspective

  914. Living in something approaching the real world

  915. "Demented and sad . . . yet social"

  916. Another long late-night talk

  917. Peace

  918. Pinworms

  919. Beak

  920. Gina and Robin's Quote Door

  921. Reading to the woman you love

  922. 2,4,6 Trinitrophenol -- BOOM!!!

  923. Meeting Alice

  924. Finding a way to beat the library's undecipherable filing system

  925. Kappa Kappa Hangman

  926. "How was your day?"  "Laundry."

  927. Alice and Edward

  928. Glitter

  929. Uncle Scrooge

  930. Donald Duck

  931. Huey, Dewey and Louie

  932. Duck Tales

  933. "Life is like an hurricane here in Duckburg; racecars, lasers, aeroplanes -- it's a duck blur . . ."

  934. Double rave weekends

  935. Toronto?

  936. The "You Don't Know Jack" rebirth

  937. It wasn't Picric Acid . . . the first time!

  938. Twelve-mile, four hour walks for the hell of it

  939. Killing people every time

  940. Getting virgins drunk

  941. Dumping your very screwy boyfriend

  942. Easter egg hunts!

  943. Plastic bags

  944. Toy Story

  945. Guelph

  946. Rolling tape

  947. Carpet Curling

  948. Finally being able to afford a string, and a rock to wind a string around

  949. Finishing your taxes

  950. "STUDENT is not an occupation!"

  951. Getting tax refunds!

  952. Smegma Boy

  953. Rolling a McPherson

  954. Perspective

  955. Patience

  956. Dusting the attic

  957. Dated literature

  958. Toolkit sphincter

  959. Skin (may it stay on everything!)

  960. Braveheart

  961. 5 lb bag of Gummi Bears

  962. Raisin bagels

  963. Adding 8 MB of RAM to your computer!

  964. Raising beagles

  965. Razing bugles

  966. Playing wiffle ball on the tundra

  967. Large quantities of Vaseline

  968. Pierogi

  969. 6 pounds of lentils

  970. Tripe

  971. Eating a wetwipe

  972. New CD's yet again

  973. Working out misunderstandings

  974. 30 ft ceilings with beauteous blue trim

  975. "Poop"

  976. Pants

  977. Visity-heads

  978. Happy singing heads

  979. Getting to bed on time (not that I'd know)

  980. Pride Week

  981. Rocks

  982. Tickling my best friend

  983. Being a slut

  984. Laughing at jealous pathetic people . . .

  985. The singing mice in Babe the Pig

  986. Robocop

  987. Looking like a goof

  988. "thesus rhesus"

  989. "Dewdrops in the garden"

  990. Jeff

  991. "The capricious Golgi method"

  992. 2 hours of sleep!

  993. Civilization

  994. Maggie's homophobic ramblings

  995. Cloaking devices

  996. Warp core breaches

  997. Being a straight white male

  998. Warm weather!!!

  999. A good, hard f*ck

  1000. When the person you love realizes one of their dreams

  1001. Boys in fruit stripe shirts . . .

  1002. Jeff licking

  1003. Olga's

  1004. Al Capone's hide out in Lansing

  1005. Women

  1006. Heterosexuality

  1007. Men

  1008. Being comfortable with my homosexuality

  1009. Thunderstorms in the background

  1010. Gwar

  1011. Vengeful, vindictive, judgmental harpies!

  1012. Friggin' cold baseball!

  1013. Absolutely fabulous La Croix, Dahling!

  1014. Poultry

  1015. Kicking butt in Ann Arbor

  1016. Kissing ass in Ann Arbor

  1017. 420

  1018. Birthday spankings!

  1019. Happy Birthday, Don

  1020. G.F. Handel

  1021. Black jellybeans and mustard (hmm . . .)

  1022. Receiving more than 1000 happy thoughts so far this year!

  1023. "Eric, what a guy!"

  1024. Hazelnut coffee by Zach

  1025. Being right about choir

  1026. Lots of sleep

  1027. El Grillo

  1028. The Peanut Barrel

  1029. Arkanoid

  1030. MUS 125 (Sec 2)

  1031. High score on Arkanoid

  1032. 17th level on Arkanoid with only one continue

  1033. 2 more weeks 'til the end of Spring Semester 96!

  1034. A boy in my lab coming out to me

  1035. A boy in my lap coming on to me

  1036. Being complimented for something other than my looks

  1037. Uranus

  1038. No more chem lab for the rest of my life!

  1039. Rings around Uranus

  1040. Walks in sunshine

  1041. 34% A.P.R.

  1042. Obscenely gargantuan credit card bills

  1043. Dorks

  1044. L-psychose

  1045. Taking people's pictures

  1046. Purity test score = 28%

  1047. Sluts that get 28% purity test scores

  1048. Braids

  1049. That guy's curly afro

  1050. Friends who are having a lovely time

  1051. New Riddler!

  1052. Canada!

  1053. Cuba and Castro

  1054. That smiley feeling one gets the next day

  1055. Post-coital bliss

  1056. Real Canadian

  1057. Molson Canadian

  1058. The Detroit Red Wings socking the Jets

  1059. The Colorado avalanche

  1060. New bikes

  1061. Eternal life and good rainstorms

  1062. Primordial Chemistry

  1063. Crab legs nite

  1064. The absurd acoustics at Fairchild Theatre

  1065. Going out with an Am

  1066. Strong Japanese green tea

  1067. Evening runs

  1068. Gonorrhea

  1069. Getting the runs

  1070. E

  1071. Apples

  1072. Being able to talk

  1073. Fencing

  1074. Nise

  1075. Nise's lion

  1076. Nice lions

  1077. The unforgiving purity of fire

  1078. Bread

  1079. New close friends

  1080. Friendly lizards named Draven owned by girls name Shira

  1081. Having a job!

  1082. Wendy's

  1083. Arby's

  1084. Burger King

  1085. Fairy Queen

  1086. Finishing a bunny

  1087. A movie far from here

  1088. Good conversation

  1089. Finally kissing the boy you like . . .

  1090. Finally finishing "the" conversation!

  1091. Boyd and Joy

  1092. Sleeping

  1093. D

  1094. Boys!

  1095. Joe Momma the MTH 110 student

  1096. Acing the ANP 363 final

  1097. Having the same number of happy thoughts as last year!

  1098. Having more happy thoughts than ever before!

  1099. Honors Chem is over!

  1100. Finding something to keep me from studying

  1101. Having a "rap name"

  1102. Henry Ng in the State News.  Whippie!

  1103. Not seeing Henry Ng in the State News

  1104. Doing nothing and getting paid to

  1105. Chemistry!!!

  1106. No more chemistry ever!!!

  1107. E-Dog, D-Skillet, J-Clip

  1108. D-Love Daddy, J-Slice

  1109. Premature endings

  1110. Premature what?

  1111. Living in Ann Arbor this summer!

  1112. Not being around judgmental, ignorant, and naive people . . .

  1113. Apples

  1114. Compliments from your wonderful friends on your style of dancing!

  1115. $90 per month rent

  1116. Not having to live near fat, ugly, conservative republicans

  1117. "I lied about J-slice."

  1118. Dancing . . .

  1119. Terry Mullan!

  1120. The thought of new Q jeans!

  1121. Carmina Burana

  1122. Sex, pure and simple!

  1123. "Wanna come along?"

  1124. Having nothing to do

  1125. Being Paul Harris for the summer . . . heck, always being Paul Harris

  1126. Being done!!!

  1127. Endings

  1128. Knowing that Curt will continue the Happiness Board next year . . .


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