1. Sunsets

  2. Friends

  3. Hershey's Kisses (and Hugs)

  4. Sleep

  5. Caffeine

  6. When you get to play in the mud

  7. Bill Clinton's face on a milk carton

  8. A sky with millions of stars

  9. True Love

  10. Miniature Golf

  11. Hugs

  12. Figs!

  13. The Red Cedar as the leaves ran down swirling and melting down into the water, as the sun disappeared behind a cloud, yet the red leaves continued to remind me of Fall . . . a perfect fall day

  14. More figs!

  15. More hugs

  16. Smiles

  17. Warm autumn days and hot chocolate with someone you care about

  18. Songs which bring up past memories

  19. A perfect day with a hayride and a bonfire and coming home smelling like a woodfire

  20. Ice cream

  21. Staying up all night to finish my homework so I don't have to do it Saturday

  22. 60,000 hugs (Not dollars)

  23. Jumping

  24. Purple!

  25. Smooches

  26. Halloween

  27. Being

  28. Leaf fight!!!

  29. Exclamation point!

  30. Indian Summer

  31. Violins

  32. Deep dreaming

  33. Unwarranted gratitude

  34. Smiles

  35. Ticketed cars with U of M bumper stickers

  36. Deja vu

  37. Candy

  38. Falling asleep in a sunbeam

  39. The smell after it rains

  40. A full moon on Halloween

  41. A beautiful holiday season

  42. Deja vu

  43. A warm smile and a soft laugh

  44. Huge bear hugs

  45. Winter nights full of stars when you can see your breath rise

  46. Blue skies, colorful trees, long shadows, a rising moon

  47. Getting out of Chem lab an hour and a half early

  48. A hot rhumba on a cool night

  49. Apple strudel ice cream

  50. Free pizza

  51. Music

  52. Amoebas

  53. Daydreaming

  54. Recovery from a bad morning

  55. An unexpected surprise

  56. Powerful winds

  57. Kittens

  58. Being able to sit and do nothing for more than 5 minutes

  59. Realizing you aren't the only one

  60. Small marshmallows for hot cocoa

  61. Beating fate

  62. Being done with an exam

  63. Long drives in pretty places on an open road in the sunshine with good music playing on your loud stereo and a good friend in the passenger seat

  64. Getting the classes you want

  65. The promise of snow

  66. Fig Newtons!

  67. A cynical board

  68. Passing CPS 330

  69. Passing Statistics

  70. Popcorn balls

  71. Good band practice

  72. Sharing popcorn balls

  73. Having terrific friends that love you and that you love a whole lot!

  74. . . . And friends who know your name and think you're cute but who won't say so if you don't want them to

  75. Denise (because she's Denise)

  76. Jay (because he's a math genius)

  77. Being in love

  78. Solitude

  79. 5-0, 5-1, 5-2 in fencing

  80. Happy!  Happy!  Joy!  Joy!

  81. Life, in general

  82. Being loved in return

  83. Only two more physics tests to go -- more happiness when they're done and over with even if I fail

  84. Driving a jeep

  85. The tree with the orange leaves by the river and stopping to pick a leaf

  86. A happiness board

  87. Rivers

  88. Fridays!!!

  89. Knowing a certain test grade is worth squat when figuring out your final grade

  90. Grins and laughing at stupid things with friends

  91. Bork!  Bork!  Bork!

  92. Taking an Organic Chem test and feeling that you passed

  93. Sitting on the shore with the sun going down, with a drink in one hand and the world in another!

  94. Snow!

  95. Cuddling in a fuzzy blanket while the wind is howling outside!

  96. 4.0's in Plant Biology

  97. Flurries while raking leaves

  98. Raking leaves with new friends

  99. Running in snow flurries in the woods!

  100. Raking leaves with elderly friends!!

  101. Trick or treating

  102. Walking through the woods, at night, in the rain, with only the glow of the forest to see by

  103. A place with no one but yourself so you don't have to worry about any one but yourself

  104. A small hand-held portable incendiary device

  105. Letters from old friends

  106. QD runs for Squirt

  107. Unstolen pens

  108. Mahna-Mahna!

  109. Owls

  110. Finishing outlines

  111. Rainbows

  112. Sitting on windowsills

  113. Being happy just 'cause -- reason enough

  114. Instantaneous wisdom

  115. Other happy people

  116. Having Organic Chem in Wilson for a day and biking there, so by the time you get there you're really awake!

  117. Silly grins

  118. Love...Love...Is it luck?

  119. 'Juglito ergo sum'

  120. The cannons at the end of the 1812 Overture go 'Boom!'

  121. The whole entire, wide, warm, wonderful world

  122. Hopping on one foot

  123. Good friends who love you

  124. String? ... String!

  125. Music

  126. An exam three weeks away

  127. A great weekend without stress

  128. 2 1/2 hours of nonstop ping-pong

  129. Birds

  130. Sleeping like a toad

  131. Basketball

  132. Frog and Toad

  133. Sombreros

  134. Storytime with warm blankets

  135. Carpet

  136. An unshakable, irrefutable, positively solid belief in the Lord above

  137. Having lots of things to write on the happiness board

  138. Beating Denise time and again in staring down contests

  139. Losing, not due to stupidity, but due to a lack of anything better to do

  140. Watching a shooting star

  141. Four-day weekends

  142. Getting strange stares when being goofy with friends

  143. A brand new album by your favorite group

  144. Finishing a book that you were reading for pleasure

  145. Getting big assignments done early

  146. Dry erase markers

  147. Sunsets over Lake Michigan

  148. Finding your eternal mate

  149. Brownies

  150. Going home!!!

  151. Love in Christ and God

  152. Vegging out

  153. Poinsettias

  154. Mistletoe

  155. New Testament Action Figures

  156. Just knowing

  157. Swimming on summer nights

  158. Happy times and good friends to share them with

  159. Quadriceps

  160. A full moon night reflecting in the ocean and casting shadows in the most beautiful way possible

  161. Secular happiness board

  162. Singing praise

  163. Being home

  164. Lunar eclipses

  165. Learning to juggle

  166. Snow

  167. Christmas music

  168. Poetry, poetry, poetry!

  169. Fish on your ears

  170. Time on your hands

  171. Friends on your mind

  172. Friends' birthdays

  173. 'Socialist' Sweden's rich people and companies pay less taxes than Americans

  174. Sitting on an Amtrak train headed for home while talking to a really interesting person

  175. Head-butting a Mermelstein

  176. Head-butting a Cruikshank

  177. Primus

  178. Teen mist

  179. Fresh fish

  180. A good snowball fight!

  181. Sunshine shining in the windows

  182. Windows!

  183. Japanese football cheers

  184. Horking up hairballs

  185. Making chicken noises

  186. First drafts

  187. The past, present, and future when all viewed together

  188. Sitting up late talking with friends

  189. Wolves

  190. Brians

  191. 'May Joy and Innocence Prevail'

  192. Non-socialist governments

  193. A 1980 Pontiac Phoenix without an inspection sticker

  194. When you ask someone out and he says 'Yes'

  195. Big, whopping hunks of DNA

  196. Gels that don't melt

  197. Loved ones

  198. A day without interruptions

  199. The sckuller of the ki

  200. Blue skies and puffy white clouds

  201. Papers that are done

  202. Books

  203. Endings

  204. Friendly happiness board wars

  205. Uncensored happiness boards

  206. Giant dreidels

  207. Riding on latkes

  208. Hurting CPS profs and TA's

  209. Destroying things

  210. Ripping things to shreds

  211. Star Wars

  212. Slinkies

  213. Birthdays

  214. Chocolate cake

  215. Going to bed early

  216. Finishing a homework assignment way before it's due

  217. Aerosmith

  218. Teaching a young dog new tricks

  219. Sleeping in

  220. Having a roommate stacking Coke cans at 1:30 in the morning

  221. Finding your keys after being scared out of your mind of losing them

  222. Charades

  223. New beginnings

  224. Balloons

  225. Having really cool friends tuck you in at night

  226. Finishing a class and never having to return (HA HA HA!!!)

  227. Not ever having to go back to another boring 1 1/2 hour Spanish Lit lecture

  228. Paper maché fish

  229. Not having Raulet as my Anthropology prof

  230. Jamocha shakes NOT in the dorm even if it's very cold outside

  231. Needing only a 73% on a final to 4.0 a class

  232. Barney!  (In jail!)

  233. Puppies

  234. Teddy Bears

  235. Letters from friends

  236. Care packages

  237. Cool guys named Jay who let me print stuff up on their computer

  238. 20 molar water

  239. Getting a term paper over with

  240. Getting over the flu

  241. The end of finals

  242. NyQuil

  243. Suprax

  244. Acetaminophen

  245. Really good backrubs

  246. Tigger

  247. Crayola Crayons

  248. Mahogany

  249. Oreos

  250. Jay and Edric

  251. Laughing fits (Like a glove)

  252. Spontaneous poems

  253. Running at twilight

  254. Clear skies with lots of stars

  255. The smell of new crayons

  256. Being happy because the world is a warm and joyous place

  257. Bloomington, Minnesota

  258. Cincinnati, Ohio

  259. Cleveland, Delaware

  260. Cairo, France

  261. Des Plaines, China

  262. Jay's Christmas Cards

  263. Ouagadougou, Indiana

  264. Brighton, Tuva

  265. Minnesota, Wisconsin

  266. Excelsior, Minnesota

  267. Hana, Maui

  268. Waiminalo, Oahu

  269. Kaho'olawe

  270. Moloka'i

  271. Kalaniana'ole highway

  272. Bagels (Good ones)

  273. Sleep without nightmares

  274. Hugs that make you feel safer

  275. Laughter

  276. Bengal Tigers

  277. Kowabungee cord

  278. The Second Amendment

  279. Free speech

  280. Freedom of religion

  281. Really incredibly spectacular and understanding friends

  282. Robin (because she's Robin)

  283. Flushing toilets when Tom's in the shower

  284. The Liberty Bowl

  285. Winning the Liberty Bowl

  286. Returning to loved ones

  287. Your Poly Sci exam being over

  288. Yeses

  289. Jim and Illinois

  290. New dagger/toys

  291. Monkeys

  292. ADV 207

  293. EC 251H

  294. Killing a six-pack of goblins without help

  295. Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar with a Jesus look-alike

  296. Seeing J.C.S. killing a six-pack of goblins without help

  297. A perfect mixture of pleasure, excitement, fun, friendship, music, intrigue, adventure, and the unexpected

  298. Bondage!!!

  299. Gaia

  300. Jesus Christ Superstar with the end done well

  301. Cheese

  302. Eggs and brains

  303. Aardvarks and platypuses (or is that platypii?)

  304. Warm ears

  305. A good friend's open ears

  306. Mango/pineapple juice

  307. Snow and stars!

  308. No snow

  309. Snow and high 20s

  310. No wind

  311. No rain

  312. No sleet

  313. No mail (hail)

  314. Perimeter guards around your bottom perimeter

  315. Study breaks

  316. Having a happy roomie!


  318. Snow days

  319. Jane's Addiction

  320. HOME

  321. Porno for Jane's Pearl Temple Melon Garden of the Nirvana Chili Dog in Chains

  322. Funny-looking circles

  323. 11-sided Canadian dollars

  324. Music you can't hear outside someone's room

  325. When roommates go bye-bye

  326. Green!

  327. Stuff and stuff and too and too

  328. Scuffed, worn hiking boots that fit your feet perfectly!

  329. Not falling down

  330. Only falling down once

  331. Falling up (any number of times)

  332. Ice skating

  333. Zambonis

  334. Interviews

  335. Renewal

  336. Procrastination

  337. Peace, music, direction, hope, friendship, truth, and love = happiness

  338. P.M.D.H.F.T.L. vs. Reality

  339. P.M.D.H.F.T.L. the winner by decision in 15 rounds

  340. Who was assassinated by the competition only two days after

  341. Unfortunately, reality can no longer participate in the '94 Winter Olympics

  342. Getting rid of some lame-ass bitch board where grumpy people spread misery

  343. Like Julia Roberts and Bon Jovi, P.M.D.H.F.T.L. and Reality are actually one and the same

  344. Jay's hair in a ponytail

  345. Washuu-chan

  346. The Buffalo Bills going to the Super Bowl 5 years in a row!

  347. A free mind

  348. (Or at least one on sale!)

  349. A liberal mind that is unable to commit itself to any concepts

  350. A twisted mind

  351. (Or at least one slightly bent!)

  352. Rough sketches

  353. Staying up all night and not being dead the next day

  354. Finding out your prof's not quite as much of a jerk as you thought

  355. Cowboys twice in a row

  356. 0-4

  357. Other people's pink shirts

  358. Jay being snide

  359. Her

  360. Pinky and the Brain

  361. Cartoons

  362. No work tomorrow

  363. Not having to work, but being paid for it

  364. Pete's shit

  365. Escape

  366. Clogged arteries

  367. Jujuy!

  368. FREEDOM!

  369. Not accidentally drinking a jar of amoebic dysentery

  370. Cute little spaceships named Ryo-oh-lai

  371. Neat Physics on the Physics 842 midterm

  372. Neat words

  373. Woo!  Woo!

  374. Flowers

  375. Running through mud puddles

  376. Anticipation

  377. Valentines and flowers from friends who love you

  378. Bouncing in new running shoes

  379. Baby mandrills

  380. Lemur life

  381. Brief prose

  382. Clean briefs

  383. Ecstatic existentialist educators

  384. The end of the 26-hour mid-term triathalon from awfully close to hell

  385. People who come to get you and get you outta here

  386. Watermelon

  387. Women with hairy backs

  388. Dancing

  389. Climbing trees

  390. Skiing trees

  391. Jogging trees

  392. Jingle trees, jingle trees. jingle all the way...

  393. A button found in the dirt that when washed in a puddle turns out to be navy blue with a gold design in the center

  394. Good plays where after, some guy comes up on stage and proposes to his girlfriend in front of the whole audience and she says YES!

  395. (Virtual) Reality

  396. MSU Football/Hockey

  397. Chew toys

  398. Ronald and Patsy

  399. Blue skies, Barfee burgers, Girls!

  400. Rooftops, skylines, and empty buildings

  401. Aladdin

  402. Genuine-imitation laser beams

  403. Dancing in the rain

  404. The rooftops of MSU

  405. Passing ZOL 141 test

  406. Morning insight:  x=aN b aN -- Since |uv| = N, v must consist of only one or more of the first a's.  Subsequent pumping will cause the resulting string to be non-palindromic, thus defying Theorem 8.2a

  407. Sheep (and being one)

  408. Cadbury Cream Eggs

  409. Sculpting with Ramen noodles

  410. The Cadbury Bunny (buk buk buk)

  411. Cargo nets

  412. Throw rugs

  413. Barney off the air

  414. Narf!

  415. Seeing a huge (and I mean huge) shooting star while listening to bagpipes after studying for three hours

  416. Tsukino, Vsagi

  417. 16 year old

  418. Having a ten-year-old wonder what you'd look like with a mustache

  419. Mortal Kombat

  420. Blood, Blood, your precious Blood!

  421. The sun sets and I am alive

  422. Godjira

  423. Classes, and the skipping of them

  424. Melting pieces of chocolate cream Easter bunnies from a friend's care package

  425. Red-tailed hawks that swoop over you and land right near you while you're running

  426. Guitars!

  427. Teddy Bears!

  428. Saying 'WooWhoo!'

  429. Spansh!

  430. Spanish, too!!

  431. Monosyllabic words

  432. Greek  (Examplia gratia:  Carpe Diem and Id est: 'Go for it!')

  433. Sneezes

  434. Hair

  435. Baby butts

  436. Not pulling a muscle during preseason

  437. Local bands

  438. Free beer

  439. Say Anything

  440. The smell of freshly cut grass

  441. Care packages!

  442. Hot chocolate with tons of mini-marshmallows

  443. A cool shower on a hot day

  444. Forgetting to put on sunscreen and not getting burned

  445. A new mouthpiece

  446. Beanbags

  447. Penguins  (Just kick ass)

  448. Catching up on sleep

  449. Watching old movies

  450. Meeting President McPherson's cat whose name is Diane who is male and who only has three legs

  451. Rubber chickens

  452. Talking rubber chickens

  453. Ed, the happy ax murderer

  454. Sporks and magic sporks

  455. Cornell!

  456. Wicker

  457. Hank

  458. Infectiously bouncy music

  459. Kittens and string

  460. The Sailor Man theme song

  461. Popeye the Sailor Man theme song (toot toot!)

  462. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

  463. Smashing pumpkins

  464. Topographic surveys

  465. Making up after a fight

  466. Ang Pang Umagang News Service Ng

  467. Finding the Lord's purpose for your life

  468. Cool guys from Musicland

  469. Perspective

  470. Eternal things

  471. Howard Stern for governor

  472. Green.  California.  Vincent van Gogh.

  473. Flexible Personnel

  474. People who are too tall for you to know them

  475. Trap doors

  476. People being catapulted during intermission because they came in late and the orchestra falling through the floor

  477. Acting improvisation

  478. Gee, little kitty!

  479. Korean lab partners who pay you $50 for 'explaining things so I can understand them'

  480. Lemurs eyes

  481. Jaguarundis

  482. Eating glop

  483. Tim finishing it!!!

  484. Gluing Tim's sphincter shut

  485. Listening to silly discussions about hermaphroditic fish go on into the wee hours of the morning

  486. Driving around town with the windows down and the stereo blasting on a hot and sunny summer day

  487. Climbing trees and jumping in mud puddles on windy March days

  488. Making it to CPS 230 at 8:00 after staying up to 5:00 am

  489. Lab partners who make you feel smarter through their stupidity

  490. Plastic man!

  491. Boing BAA!!!  Boing BAA!!!

  492. The return of the Muppet Show!!

  493. Nosferatu

  494. Dos Wampyr (or however it's spelled)

  495. April Fools Day!

  496. Soundgarden!

  497. Fortuosity

  498. Toxic, glowing Easter eggs

  499. Non-jelly beans

  500. Nietzsche Pops -- The Uberbreakfast

  501. Cheez-its

  502. Ribbons

  503. Cash.  The gift that keeps on giving

  504. Easter

  505. Climbing trees

  506. Cool conversations with new friends

  507. Good books

  508. Warm, sunny, happy days out walking in the fresh air and experiencing Creation

  509. Peach vanilla cream soda

  510. Dried pineapple

  511. Memories

  512. Safety pins

  513. 8:00 pm Sunday night sunsets

  514. Watching Jurassic Park at midnight

  515. Kansas!  (Dorothy, Toto, etc.)

  516. Finding immense happiness in tiny things

  517. Finding tiny happiness in immense things

  518. Past loves

  519. Past lives

  520. Another 500 happy thoughts

  521. Brothers and sisters (the spiritual kind)

  522. Horses

  523. Bonfires

  524. Explosions

  525. 3¢ stamps on bad days

  526. My roommate next year!

  527. Smear

  528. Food I haven't had in a long time

  529. Any food

  530. Laser of Library Destruction

  531. Living for weekends

  532. Threesomes

  533. Drinking orange juice, not cappuccino

  534. Summer jobs with cute coworkers

  535. Sociology

  536. Today, Curt Cobain was sighted at a Burger King in Kalamazoo

  537. Scandal!  Scandal!  Scandal!

  538. Duets!

  539. Writing fun letters

  540. Guilt trips to the zoo

  541. South Dakota

  542. Anything west of the Mississippi

  543. Big sky

  544. Political cartoons about MASA

  545. Hay fights

  546. Rabbits

  547. Long nights talking and singing with new (and old) friends

  548. Learning more about love

  549. Bittersweet yearnings

  550. Cups full of water with lots of straws

  551. Learning new guitar songs while jamming with friends

  552. 3-D comic books

  553. Goldfish

  554. Lightning!

  555. Being held when you're crying or holding someone when he(she)'s crying.  (It may not seem like it at the time, but looking back, it's the best feeling.)

  556. Ditto, Ditto

  557. Finally beating that video game

  558. Fidelity

  559. V. being silly

  560. Planning the room for next year

  561. Thunder

  562. Stupid nicknames

  563. Staying up all night to have a deep, emotional, and spiritual conversation with terrific friends

  564. Molasses cookies

  565. Friendly peanut butter cookies

  566. Realizing that I have an apartment next year!

  567. Dry-erase markers

  568. Green pens

  569. The realization that the mysterious error in your program is due to referencing the pointer and is therefore probably not my fault

  570. Dropping an H-option

  571. Attack of the Green Slime

  572. Unprompted good moods

  573. Simple joys

  574. Falling asleep on a soft couch under a warm quilt

  575. Homemade pizza crust

  576. Being valued and respected

  577. Bright crescent moons in indigo skies

  578. Getting absolutely drenched on the way to Calc class while thunder crashes and lightning streaks the ashen sky, and laughing the whole time

  579. Volleyball

  580. Drunks

  581. Continuances

  582. Really cool chord progressions

  583. The Prayer Chain (Good music!)

  584. Not running

  585. Night running (especially when it's still 65 degrees at midnight)

  586. Pina Colada Slurpees

  587. Single digits!

  588. Canoes

  589. Bombay instead of Jay

  590. Brillig and toves gyreing in the wabe

  591. Treasure hunting with Super Soakers

  592. Snark hunting

  593. Drip torches

  594. Grass

  595. Fire!

  596. Jay didn't get his computer pregnant!

  597. Baptizing a good friend -- Praise God!


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