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The challenge?

“Write a mini-opera.”

To make it perfectly clear -- this SONG was written to be sung by two PEOPLE.

(THIS RECORDING does happen to be sung by two people who are both male.  But that does not mean that the song was written to be sung by two males.  The song was written to be sung by two PEOPLE.)

When I wrote Love, I wrote the lyric in the second person, and I only used two gender-specific pronouns in the entire lyric -- one “he” and one “she.”  I did so intentionally.  Love is universal.  Love is not gender-specific.

When I wrote The Night Before, the lyric did not specify the gender of the singer’s significant other.  All we know is that they have two children together, they love each other, and they love their children.  That is enough.

I am not gay.  Neither is the talented Kevin Savino-Riker, who honored me this time around with his collaboration.  But we both believed enough in the universality of love to record this song with two male vocalists.

This song is about love.  And commitment.  And hope and joy.  And it was written to be sung by two people exchanging vows -- regardless of gender.  Yes -- if I sang it at my wedding, it would be with a woman.  If Kevin sang it at his wedding?  It would be with a woman.  But the song is not changed or diminished or any less poignant if it is sung by two women.  And this song’s sentiments are not any less resonant or heartfelt because it was recorded by two men.

Love is love.

That is all.

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June 26, 2015

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